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    • Do you remember the first time? (Retro Games Discussion)
      Do you remember your first time? The anticipation. The nervousness. Putting it in and waiting for that sound. (The cartridge you filthy swines)


      My first time was when I was about 13-14. I’d saved some money from my evening paper round and also added a Sunday morning paper round. I’d initially saved to buy a Sega Master System but found myself with more money due to my birthday and decided I’d go 16 bit rather than 8 bit and treat myself. I went into Bradford with my mum and my brother and parted with my hard earned cash in exchange for a Sega Megadrive.


      What I hadn’t considered was that I had just about enough money to buy myself the console but it didn’t come with a game. I borrowed some cash and got Sonic The Hedgehog as reviews had been positive and it looked great graphically. My first proper console was bought and I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out.


      I’d previously had an Atari 2600 with games like Keystone Cops, Decathlon etc but that was years ago and the games and graphics now seem terrible. I also had a Commodore 64 when others had an Amiga and had enjoyed games like Yie Ar Kung Fu back in the day. Gaming was moving on and I didn’t want to get left behind. I’d played on both the master system and the megadrive and had loved games like Golden Axe and wanted my own console rather than getting a go occasionally at a friends house.


      I got my console home and had a quick look at the instructions. Power lead in, aerial lead into the back of the TV, (might have been a scart lead back then) and controller plugged in the front. Cartridge inserted. Power turned on and that magical sound of “SAY-GAR” as the blue writing appears on the screen and confirms you’ve set it up right and managed to not blow it up.

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    • Baddar talks to The Jungle Gazette
      It's taken a few short months for Catalan minnows Girona to make their mark at Play To Enjoy. Placed in Division 1 and led by Welsh manager Baddar, the Gironistes have surpassed expectations and find themselves near the top of the table as the half-way point of the season approaches.

      "It's not a situation we were expecting to be in, but I think we're there on merit. It's a hard-working group and the results thus far have matched our strong performances," Baddar told the Jungle Gazette.

      Girona is a club that hadn't as much as played in the top tier of Spanish football until 2017, and now they're making waves on the world stage. Baddar is refusing to get carried away with their good start, however.

      "Everyone had tipped us to be in a relegation battle, but the first eight games have gone well for us. It's important we build on it though, as there's still a long way to go in the season."

      Many have singled out a few players in particular regarding the strong start - Valère Germain being one of them, with the Frenchman netting 7 times already. Jonathan Cafú has also received plaudits for his performances which have included a handful of goals.

      Valère Germain - 7 goals so far for Girona

      "It's such a cliche thing to say but it's been a team effort. Andreas Pereira has been fantastic alongside Luka (Milivojevic) in midfield, Abdul (Waris) has stepped in when required and done a great job, and when you look at the amount of goals we've conceded compared to the rest of the league, we're strong at the back, too."

      The Girona boss did refuse to get drawn into any promotion talk though.

      "Look, I've said since the start of the season that it's a very competitive league. There are a few teams who've stood out so far but there are no easy wins. My job is to get the lads playing attractive football and the results will hopefully continue to speak for themselves."

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    • Big Ron is back
      It seems a long time ago since Big Ron took over at Torino and made his first appearance in the P2E league.... Anyway, after leaving Torino due to Roland's (Nilsson) sexual exploits with the chairman's wife, Big Ron had a brief spell in Portugal in charge of Benfica where somehow he managed a promotion.

      Although the Portuguese climate thoroughly agreed with Big Ron's need for a constant tan, the lure of Japan and the offer of a free motorbike from Kawasaki was too much to resist and off he went to the land of the rising sun. A big decision had to be made at this point.... was he going to take Roland (his faithful no 2)? After much deliberation Big Ron came to the conclusion that lure of Geisha girls all over the place was going to prove too enticing for Roland, and as consequence he felt it would be best if he searched for a new no 2.

      Flicking through the contact list on his iPhone, he could see a whole range of potential candidates..... Gary Megson, Sheridan, Hirsty, Waddle..... all had fine qualities but Mego was too ginger, Sheridan... mad Irish man, Hirsty... always on the pop, and Waddle... never available as he is always doing reunion gigs singing Diamond Lights with that nut job Hoddle.

      Then his eye was caught by one name... Palmer! Why of course.... it was the obvious choice - Carlton Palmer... who better to have as a no 2! Hardworking, industrious, Carlton would be the perfect choice... his Mr Gadget like limbs would look great in the Kawasaki tracksuit...

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    • A Resurgence from Russia
      A mischievous grin spreads across the handsome face of Zenit St. Petersburg's newly appointed manager on a cool September morning, when asked, "Are you more optimistic about premiership survival this year?" he slowly removes his hands from down his pants to pull the microphone closer and replies, "Not really." PANDA's grin now expands to reveal his bright whites as he slowly relaxes back into his chair awaiting the next line of enquiry.

      The Zenit head coaches lack of trust in his own ability proved appropriate in almost all of his opening 5 games. Some abysmal results sparingly scattered with the odd away point which delivered some false optimism for the Russian side were beginning to look farcical. Seemingly unaffected of fazed by the poor results, PANDA remained calm on the outside but those close to the Zenit manager said he was concealing a deep feeling of dejection. Some say he didn't know how to play the game anymore. Others say he'd fallen out of love. The main feeling coming out of the club was he definitely could not decide what formation to deploy or which tactics to administer that would compliment the personnel he'd acquired.

      But what a difference a few weeks can generate. Zenit are unbeaten in their last 3 games and 4 desperately needed points have supplied cracks at bottom of the Xbox Premiership mountain, enabling Zenit to slowly ascend to safety. Although it's very early in the season, this latest confidence boost to the manager and squad will provide scope for Premiership existence. Something PANDA had no real optimism regarding back in September.

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    • The Ups and Downs of Metalprawn
      In a couple of months time Metalprawn has been a manager in the world of P2E for 2 years. It's safe to say that the time has flown by, but it's not always been a smooth ride.

      His career started out as manager of Lazio, this was to be an interesting time for the young manager who was trying to find his feet in a league with some managers who had been around for some time.

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    • The Newbies Guide to PES on Play To Enjoy
      The Newbies Guide to PES on Play To Enjoy
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    • PES 2019 Player Ratings
      League members agitating over potential player upgrades/downgrades for PES2019
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    • Life in the PS4 Premier League Part. 1
      So season five seems so long ago, Sunderland under the management of Abbafather had just gained promotion from the P2E PS4 First Division, automatic promotion i hastened to add! Players and fans a like were looking forward to taking their rightful place at the top table of P2E football The Premier League and all the fame and trappings that goes with it. Locking horns with the @Gregmeister Champions Dortmond, @Don Raphael 007 beloved West Ham, @PapaDolmio and Valencia, @Ultravires and Millonarios as well as the other newcomers to the division. @Cloughy 's PSG who had won the First Division title ahead of the Wearside men, @blueyboy_73 at Inter Milan who won the Play Off Final, @Petmaister's Panathinakkos who had showed enough quality to earn his place and an unknown player called @Dracarys who had made quite a name for him self on the darkside with his Lazio team.

      Sunderland went into season six with excitement but no fear against these behemoths of the PS4 side! Who was first out of the hat well lets just say the draw wasn't kind a trip to defending Champions Dortmond and @Gregmeister in the first weeks! This was met with cheers on Wearside "Lets put these German So and So's to the sword!" was the cry " Aye and there Brummie manager." So the Black Cats travelled to Dortmond and despite running into a three goal lead couldnt hold out to the more experienced outfit finally getting beat 5 - 4. But plenty of positives to be took scoring four goals against the current Champions away from home was seen as a great first step in the division. Up next was another newly promoted team as Sunderland again travelled away this time to @Cloughy's PSG, these two teams had always had close matches and this was no different a share of the spoils in a 2 - 2 draw. Both teams will of been hoping for a win to try and get some momentum going but neither team would lie down so it finished a draw. A loss and win in the first two matches wasn't bad and morale was still high in the Sunderland Squad as they looked to their next match their first home tie against Inter Milan and @blueyboy_73 playoff Champions! 
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    • Avengers: Infinity War
      Community reaction to blockbuster Movies
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    • Premier league 2018/19
      All the hype for the upcoming season. Right here.
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    • Friendly GOTM Entries July
      Enter your PES2018 Goals here
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    • PES2019
      Stay up to date with all PES2019 info, as it happens.
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    • PUBG Update
      All the PUBG update info you will ever need.
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  • The Jungle Gazette

    1. mowgli77
      Latest Entry

      By mowgli77,

      Image result for my club pes 2019

      My Club 2019 - Spinning and winning by GBR CRY.

      There are  two way to play and compete successfully in My Club PES 2019. 

      The poor and needy way (a la Thorpski and the desperate and greedy Trixta ) or where you can basically take your hard earned cash out of your pocket and buy your way to destiny , like Ashes and Crazy Llama and all the legendary PES players that support the cause and buy PES coins. Thanks to you the rest of us PES fans get to play too , respect. As I am tight grumpy old man I refuse to payout anymore cash for a game I won, right here at playtoenjoy.com. I will tell you more about this in my next article. Trust me it's well worth the wait. Don't do a Corky and refuse to play,  ask Wickid about the time he threw away 3 Messi's. 

      Any way as I was saying you can get players with no cash, no money, no dollar, nowt. MyClub is simple: make more more money than you need and spin spin spin...

      Image result for my club pes 2019

      After diligent discussions with Thorpski and Oz , I decided to turn coach mode into my bitch by making it into a cash cow. 🐮 Firstly though, you must do everything to win your first ranked game of the day , so get ya best starting eleven , formation and tactics set. Try to include all the players in your squad with the A or B weekly ratings and use every nasty dirty lowdown camel toe type goal method to win this opening fixture because I guarantee your opponent will. There is up to 10000 GP at stake . If you're lucky enough to win 5 in a row you're getting another bonus too.

      Pay close attention to your weekly league points as these can earn you up to another 28000 GP per week and never give in because a draw will save your precious weekly points. Now the cash cow. 🐮 When you have spare time to log in to MyClub put all your lowest rated players in your squad with your start up manager or cheapest manager. If you haven't got one hire one , I use Santini and all my white and bronze ball players only and compete in ranked SIM matches. Win, lose or draw, it's not important, just keep on sim play till your bank account has enough money for your first team contracts and spins. I generally have 75000 GP in my account at all times and every time I reach 100000 GP I have a spin from the collectors box. If no black balls appear , I immediately spin again ....... sometimes twice until a black ball player appears and then I repeat the process.

      Just remember the minimum cash you can get for 30 games is 18000 GP and max is 48000 GP. When your players run out of contract you can sell them for cash or convert to trainers for your first team. For extra cash 💰 enter the comps to win featured players against the com. Use this as another cash cow or as a training ground for your first team and always try to have the bonus players in your squad , don't play it without them unless you're just after the cash. Once you feel confident enough you can attempt the online ranked games and competitions which also give out bonuses at the weekend if you get to the final 16 or further. This method has got me this squad so far:

      Griezmann, ( I Fahookin hate this guy and his dumb celebration) Firmino, Wilshere, Nainggollan, Koke, Isco x2, Bakayoko x2, Pjanic, Umtiti, Dani Alves, Neymar, Messi, Florenzi, Fran Sol, Lucas Lima, Perisic, Depay, Luiz Gustavo, Strootman, Pellegrini x2. 

      Or you can pay real cash and get a sweaty team like Ashes:

      Buffon, Kane, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Ziyech, Alexander Arnold, Douglas Costa, Firmino, Hamsik, Sane, Modric, Gueye,  Manolas, Rudiger, Beckham, Marcelo, Pique, Umtiti, De Gea, T Kroos, Sane and Fahooking Suarez! Cash rules everything around me but I challenge Ashes and say let's play and see if cash rules...? (Only hating @ ashes that my wife won't let me buy any PES Coins) 😂 

      Not sure if the PS4 crew buy their players or earn them the hard way. I have not seen what goes on over at the MyClub dark side.

      Rice and Peace....


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