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rsz muriel


When west ham listed the fat assassin, Luis Muriel on the transfer market, the Inter board went into overdrive, clamoring over the fax machine and super dialing agents as fast as the finger could dial. All this to land a long-time target Muriel, the Colombian fat Ronaldo was coming to the Italian giants one way or another. That was the message coming loud and clear out of the Inter camp.

Early negotiations looked set to be smooth sailing, both parties were happy with a deal involving fan favorite John Guidetti and a wad of cash. The board were ready to push it through until Inter boss Panderini put the blockers on the deal, stating Guidetti is far too valuable in his future plans for the club. It was said, late night crisis talks between the manager and the board took place, ending in the John Guidetti deal being taken completely off the table.

As west ham flirted with other offers from all over Europe for their prize attacker, the Inter camp prepared another, almost unbelievable offer to bring in the Colombian. As soon as the fax came through, Inter offering New signing, wonder kid Keita, Quagliarella and around 5m with add-ons, all interest in Muriel from other parties was dropped like a molten gold nugget in the bare hand.

In a deal estimating around 75m, Luis Muriel arrived at the Inter training ground with the expectation weighing heavy on his shoulders. So much so, his form immediately took a hit before even his first outing. Panderini knew he had to manage the situation impeccably with a double header of league games just around the corner. Either that or risk Muriel being labeled the most expensive flop in P2E History.

The day of the big game, at home to Bordeaux, Panderini had a big choice to make. Play the new star signing, knowing full well he was completely out of form after a KFC Boneless banquet the night before or, bench him and face the critics, the wrath of the fans and of the board. Panderini is known for not shying away from big decisions, but decided to start Muriel in the Centre Forward role, much to the joy of the 80,000 fans who travelled to the San Siro.

A tough tight game so Muriel’s chances limited to a few, but in the 2nd minute of injury time at the end of the first half, Muriel latched onto a knock down header and calmly placed it in the far corner. The stadium erupted in a euphoric, deafening roar. The game settled back into attacking football from both sides. A goal was coming sure enough but from where? in the 73rd minute the Colombian played a neat one two with Suso, allowing him space with the ball in Bordeaux’s penalty area, Muriel killed the game with a great strike, handing Inter all 3 points and himself Man of the Match on his debut.

It's hard to see anyone stopping this nippy powerhouse when this is how he performs on a bad form arrow. The Xbox premiership are advised to lace up there boots and get used to seeing Muriel’s clean pair of heels.