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      So season five seems so long ago, Sunderland under the management of Abbafather had just gained promotion from the P2E PS4 First Division, automatic promotion i hastened to add! Players and fans a like were looking forward to taking their rightful place at the top table of P2E football The Premier League and all the fame and trappings that goes with it. Locking horns with the @Gregmeister Champions Dortmond, @Don Raphael 007 beloved West Ham, @PapaDolmio and Valencia, @Ultravires and Millonarios as well as the other newcomers to the division. @Cloughy 's PSG who had won the First Division title ahead of the Wearside men, @blueyboy_73 at Inter Milan who won the Play Off Final, @Petmaister's Panathinakkos who had showed enough quality to earn his place and an unknown player called @Dracarys who had made quite a name for him self on the darkside with his Lazio team.

      Sunderland went into season six with excitement but no fear against these behemoths of the PS4 side! Who was first out of the hat well lets just say the draw wasn't kind a trip to defending Champions Dortmond and @Gregmeister in the first weeks! This was met with cheers on Wearside "Lets put these German So and So's to the sword!" was the cry " Aye and there Brummie manager." So the Black Cats travelled to Dortmond and despite running into a three goal lead couldnt hold out to the more experienced outfit finally getting beat 5 - 4. But plenty of positives to be took scoring four goals against the current Champions away from home was seen as a great first step in the division. Up next was another newly promoted team as Sunderland again travelled away this time to @Cloughy's PSG, these two teams had always had close matches and this was no different a share of the spoils in a 2 - 2 draw. Both teams will of been hoping for a win to try and get some momentum going but neither team would lie down so it finished a draw. A loss and win in the first two matches wasn't bad and morale was still high in the Sunderland Squad as they looked to their next match their first home tie against Inter Milan and @blueyboy_73 playoff Champions! 

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