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The Capturing of Ghost Cherry

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Spent like 2 hours last night trying to get this nay nay. Soon as I got to the area (after a loooong arse ride) it was stood there looking at me, I thought great, this will be easy. Tried the sneak and calm technique first. When I got close enough to jump on it it Fahooking kicked me in the chops and sent me flying. Arthur said "So it's like that is it?" Damn right it was.

Tried that method a couple more times but it kept getting spooked and bolting off. I was getting pretty angry at this point because I wanted to go to bed. After the 4th attempt of creeping up on it and it high tailing it at about an arms length away, I whistled my war horse, jumped on it, pulled out my trusty lasso and slowly trotted towards albino bob. As soon as I got anywhere near, it sped off between the trees and over streams, just talking the piss basically. It got to a point in a clearing where I could have a good run at it. I stopped, took a deep breath... then Fahooking tapped the death out A, barreling towards it at full speed, screaming like a crazy bitch and swirling my lasso above my head, a short chase ensued and I finally gripped the Country & Western. I moved towards it and jumped on.

It then ragged the bejeesus out of poor Arthur and bucked me head first in the snow. By the time I got to my feet it was nowhere to be seen. Spent about an hour trotting about getting attacked by wolves every few minutes while my pussy arse 'war' horse screamed like a girl and ran off. 

I give up about 1am and went to bed depressed but tonight, I'm going back there, and I'm going to shoot it in the face with my shotgun.


So I made it back up into the mountains last night, I wasn't leaving without that horse. Be it riding it home or in my belly, one way or another it's mine. Get to the spot and sure enough it's there, smug as you like. I want this horse to like me, to love me, so i opt for the sneak and calm technique. It takes patience and finesse. My heart was pounding all the way. I really didn't want this to turn into another 3 hour ordeal so I had to get it right..


I'm feeling good, I got my nay nay, now i'm gunna whip, to the horse shop and pimp my ride. Spent a whopping $300 kitting her out  and grooming the bitch. Gave her everything a horse could want. Then named her Ghost Cherry. We are best friends. Ride or die.



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