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MyClub 2019 - Spinning and Winning by GBR CRY

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My Club 2019 - Spinning and winning by GBR CRY.

There are  two way to play and compete successfully in My Club PES 2019. 

The poor and needy way (a la Thorpski and the desperate and greedy Trixta ) or where you can basically take your hard earned cash out of your pocket and buy your way to destiny , like Ashes and Crazy Llama and all the legendary PES players that support the cause and buy PES coins. Thanks to you the rest of us PES fans get to play too , respect. As I am tight grumpy old man I refuse to payout anymore cash for a game I won, right here at playtoenjoy.com. I will tell you more about this in my next article. Trust me it's well worth the wait. Don't do a Corky and refuse to play,  ask Wickid about the time he threw away 3 Messi's. 

Any way as I was saying you can get players with no cash, no money, no dollar, nowt. MyClub is simple: make more more money than you need and spin spin spin...

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After diligent discussions with Thorpski and Oz , I decided to turn coach mode into my bitch by making it into a cash cow. 🐮 Firstly though, you must do everything to win your first ranked game of the day , so get ya best starting eleven , formation and tactics set. Try to include all the players in your squad with the A or B weekly ratings and use every nasty dirty lowdown camel toe type goal method to win this opening fixture because I guarantee your opponent will. There is up to 10000 GP at stake . If you're lucky enough to win 5 in a row you're getting another bonus too.

Pay close attention to your weekly league points as these can earn you up to another 28000 GP per week and never give in because a draw will save your precious weekly points. Now the cash cow. 🐮 When you have spare time to log in to MyClub put all your lowest rated players in your squad with your start up manager or cheapest manager. If you haven't got one hire one , I use Santini and all my white and bronze ball players only and compete in ranked SIM matches. Win, lose or draw, it's not important, just keep on sim play till your bank account has enough money for your first team contracts and spins. I generally have 75000 GP in my account at all times and every time I reach 100000 GP I have a spin from the collectors box. If no black balls appear , I immediately spin again ....... sometimes twice until a black ball player appears and then I repeat the process.

Just remember the minimum cash you can get for 30 games is 18000 GP and max is 48000 GP. When your players run out of contract you can sell them for cash or convert to trainers for your first team. For extra cash 💰 enter the comps to win featured players against the com. Use this as another cash cow or as a training ground for your first team and always try to have the bonus players in your squad , don't play it without them unless you're just after the cash. Once you feel confident enough you can attempt the online ranked games and competitions which also give out bonuses at the weekend if you get to the final 16 or further. This method has got me this squad so far:

Griezmann, ( I Fahookin hate this guy and his dumb celebration) Firmino, Wilshere, Nainggollan, Koke, Isco x2, Bakayoko x2, Pjanic, Umtiti, Dani Alves, Neymar, Messi, Florenzi, Fran Sol, Lucas Lima, Perisic, Depay, Luiz Gustavo, Strootman, Pellegrini x2. 

Or you can pay real cash and get a sweaty team like Ashes:

Buffon, Kane, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Ziyech, Alexander Arnold, Douglas Costa, Firmino, Hamsik, Sane, Modric, Gueye,  Manolas, Rudiger, Beckham, Marcelo, Pique, Umtiti, De Gea, T Kroos, Sane and Fahooking Suarez! Cash rules everything around me but I challenge Ashes and say let's play and see if cash rules...? (Only hating @ ashes that my wife won't let me buy any PES Coins) 😂 

Not sure if the PS4 crew buy their players or earn them the hard way. I have not seen what goes on over at the MyClub dark side.

Rice and Peace....

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I farm whole days at the beggining, got superstars team just to see that some nerd with bronze team will beat me with one short and I can't score from 30+. Also, when I saw that some anonymous players like Yago Pichacu have better rating then top players I learn something about myClub. That mode is only for idiots, it's a big idiotic mess with scripting, spoiled games, lag, cheaters ... and I can't imagine that someone normal can play this mode seriously.

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