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The Ups and Downs of Metalprawn

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In a couple of months time Metalprawn has been a manager in the world of P2E for 2 years. It's safe to say that the time has flown by, but it's not always been a smooth ride.

His career started out as manager of Lazio, this was to be an interesting time for the young manager who was trying to find his feet in a league with some managers who had been around for some time.


The one thing that stood out in these early days was Mr Prawns eye for up and coming talent on the football pitch, he signed players such as Marco Asensio, Brozovic, Andre Silva, Romagnoli and Donnarumma. These young guns provided the backbone of the Lazio team that managed to hold their own in the league despite some heavy defeats including an 8-2 loss which left the fans going proper mental.

Unfortunately these players soon became too good for a team wallowing in mid table and they mostly left for pastures new, as did the manager.

Next up was Ajax, Metalprawn was full of confidence after having a decent start to his management career. He managed to bring Donnarumma and Silva to Holland with him but they didn't stay for long. This was the season that proved to be Prawns best to date as his Ajax team finished in the top 3. In the close season they even went on to win the champions league! Which still proves to be the managers only piece of silverware to date.

Once again the manager with itchy feet moved to yet another club, this time it was back to Italy with Juventus and hopes of challenging for the league title. He managed to sign players such as Belotti, Jordan Lukaku and Fellaini (who was known as a beast). Unfortunately things didn't quite work out as planned and although the season was by no means a disaster it certainly wasn't one to remember. Although Belotti did score a goal that was up for the Puskas award, he was however pipped by a scrappy goal scored by one of @Cloughy players, the investigation into the voting proved inconclusive.

The strange lands of Brazil were next to embrace the wonders of Metalprawn with Flamengo choosing to take a punt on the plucky manager, but to this proved to be his lowest point.


Flamengo finished the premier league rooted to the bottom of the table with only 3 wins all season, fans burnt the Brad pitt out of effigies of the manager and called for his head. Mr Prawn chose not to hide from this and willingly admitted that it was all his fault and he vowed to make things right. The fans wanted him gone but the club was tied into a 2 season deal with him and so he stayed, and this proved to be a good thing.

Flamengo flourished in PS4's 1st division, they were scoring goals for fun and only missed out on the league title by 1 bloody point! But they qualified for the promotion playoff to return to the premier league and they ended up winning this 2-1 against O'Higgins who were managed by @Hammybiggs .

Players like Malcom, Shelvey, Rulli, Odriozola and Pottker were all responsible for this promotion, but while they all celebrated Metalprawn slipped away into the night and out of the country, all he left was a message saying "sorry for what happened but now the club is back where they belong, my work here is done"


And so we come to the present day where Prawn now finds himself in charge of Atletico Madrid, he has managed to create a team full of talent. L.Martinez leads the front line alongside Diaby and Malcom. Acuna, Romeu and Sissoko/Aouar run the midfield. At the back we find the ever faithful Lukaku who is joined by N'Koulou, Kouyate and the talented Calabria while Vaclik and Gordon compete for the number 1 shirt.

Despite this wealth of talent Atletico were amongst the favourites to get relegated but things have started well with the club being undefeated against 3 of the league's toughest opponents ( @Don Raphael 007 @Cloughy @Gregmeister ). Obviously there is an awful long way to go but things are looking brighter for the manager, will the future hold more up' s than the previous  years....lets hope so.

Until next time......Stay classy



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