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  2. TheWelshOne

    PS4 - PSN Names and what you want to be called

    My PSN name is Stoilky
  3. Yesterday
  4. 95m for the CB and Odegraad?
  5. Last week
  6. I'll be on @10pm if there's any Europa folk about.. If not I'll be shooting baddies :88:

    1. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      I might be on in a mo for a couple europa fixtures @djtrixta @PJM @ClaretChris @OZMAZSTER And the rest in my group

  7. Dracarys


    This PES is biggest flop in game history.
  8. If you won on the liverpool game, go to 'my bets' and collect winnings 

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    2. PANDA


      @mowgli77 it hasn't been updated yet mate I'm just doing it manually. I'm hoping we'll get an update before next weekend. @CRN_14 I'll sort yours and mowglis out in morning. @lizard100310 mate look at your bet slip you got paid correctly. Think you thought you bet more than you did

    3. lizard100310


      I bet 103,000 that's all I had so should of won 270,000 but still showing 103,000 in my bank I know it's not alot but fair is fair in love and war me amigo

    4. PANDA


      @lizard100310 like I said mate, you thought you bet 103,000 but you only bet 103.


      Everybody else has been paid out now. Sorry for the teething issues. Will be quality once it's fixed.


    Couple of additions

    I have a gambling addiction I took it all the way up to 80 then lost it all then brought it back up then lost the total net of 105m lol😂😒😩😩😒🤣 @Damok21 @PANDA will be happy lmfao
  10. Your board of directors need to live a little and be more flamboyant😂🍿🙈 @ajuhlin Get your slags out to impress the board of Barcelona directors 🍿👍🏽
  11. Haha this offer was already too high anyway and the Malmö board has now decided to stop doing deals after the latest board meeting☺️
  12. @alizawi don’t need him that much sry. @ajuhlin getting closer 😉🤨


    You should be able to buy for a lot cheaper than that I’ve picked mine up for just 15 near the beginning of the year Brand new. And will drop in value even more now the new trailer is released. It was on sale on the Xbox marketplace for less than for £4 for xl version.👍🏽 @mowgli77
  14. mowgli77


    I’m trying to figure the cheapest way to get all the characters for Mortal Kombat on PS4? I downloaded a load separately as I didn’t have Mortal Kombat XL so I don’t know if to buy that game for about £22 now or if to download the rest that I haven’t got?
  15. PANDA

    RDR2 Online Character

    If you didn't know aswell you can delete your character and make a new one. You start from the breakout but you keep all your cash


    I will take you up on your challenge. You dog boy 😂😂😂 Glad to hear you’ve got it he will love the arcade machine but as you said you will push him off it lol. Can’t wait for it to be released but it’s such a long time away 😩😒 @mowgli77

    Injustice 2

    It is worth every penny my friend quality game. It should be just a little bit more digital as well👍🏽 @mowgli77
  18. PANDA

    Injustice 2

    Quality game mate, I lost a bit of love for fighting games until I played this. Got proper into it for a good few months. Smashed up dj with complete ease. Until he used the superwoman glitch where she shoots lazers from her snatch. Worth £12 all day
  19. mowgli77

    Injustice 2

    @PANDA @OZMAZSTER @djtrixta any good this? Its £12 in CEX. Tekken 7 is £25 and looks good too. Soul Calibur 6 was £38.
  20. mowgli77


    You need to get this on PS4 @OZMAZSTER so I can rip your head off your spine and Brad pitt down your neck. Looks ace doesn’t it? Picked up that mini arcade machine this week, fahooking awesome. Around 3000 games on it, all the super street fighter games, various Mortal Kombat games, ISS pro on SNES, Star Fox, super bomberman, all the Megadrive classics, NES and SNES and even Neo Geo plus arcade originals. My sinus going to unwrap it xmas day and then I’m going to boot him off it, stick him on Fortnite and spend the day going retro. 😀
  21. I'm after Ozzy values..
  22. @mowgli77 I will take a look bud👍🏽 @Best2005 thx but no thx bud.👍🏽 @alizawi good player. Don’t really need but what u after 👍🏽

    Couple of additions

    I’ve picked up within seconds of receiving my mystery reward box 😂😂🙈 like a crack addict and his addiction and I have probably done more than 10 on both boxes 😒🤫😩😈 @Damok21 lol 🍿
  24. How much you adding to that CB for romagnoli
  25. I like the CB, can offer cash or player plus cash but will need to lose a player. Any interest in Fathy Bum Bum back or possibly Jojic or Lieder?
  26. PANDA

    RDR2 Online Character

    Just meant to be
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