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  2. mowgli77

    Mowgli77 - Villarreal vs Czysty - Shaktar Donetsk

    Villarreal 6-1 Shakhtar Donetsk Goals: Lasagna x 3, Kalinic x 2, Vieirinha Goal: Piatek MOM: Lasagna Went 1-0 up and then Czysty equalised, banged 3 more in to go in at HT with a 4-1 lead. Scored almost in first 5 mins of second half and then added a 6th. No rebounds, no cut backs, just Barca style football. 😀 Great game and clinical finishing. 8 on target 6 goals. @czysty @lizard100310 @Damok21
  3. PJM

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    You know what pal if you dont wanna pay the cash then fine aint got no time for long drawn out process.
  4. Skobi

    Team Strengths

    i do like the sounds of this :0
  5. GBR CRY

    Javier Hernandez - 80 CF

    How much r u after @CuteBrownBear
  6. GBR CRY

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    It all depends on what NERES is going for cash @Best2005 aren't you ready to part with Onana
  7. Today
  8. PJM

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    Nah 35 is the price m8. Will rite it up fast if you agree.
  9. GBR CRY

    RWF 35m to spend

    got no fans 45m to spend got to have speed tho
  10. GBR CRY

    Few for sale

  11. Beastermc

    Nikola -Sevilla vs BeasterMC - Red Bull Brasil

    Trying to get on tonight pal, can't guarantee anything tho sadly @nikola
  12. Damok21

    CRN_14 - AS Monaco vs JungleTeam - Galatasaray

    Result added @lizard100310
  13. CRN_14

    CRN_14 - AS Monaco vs JungleTeam - Galatasaray

    Monaco 3-2 Galatasary Uth, Forrest, Cool for Monaco Martinez & Rincon for Galatasary BALDE Motm Good game bud @Jungle_Team @Damok21
  14. CRN_14

    Nikola -Sevilla vs CRN_14 - AS Monaco

    I'm on just now bud. If not, when suits you?
  15. GBR CRY

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    I'll take deeney for 30m if ya write it up quick @Best2005 @PJM
  16. Cheers man good game.. No solution for Martial
  17. Result added @lizard100310
  18. Result added @lizard100310
  19. Manchester united 6 -4 Red bull Brasil Great game this with not much defending ! Could have swung either way this one lucky for me martial was on top form! Scorers martial x 5 Toko 1 Sio 2 Williams 1 Wickham 1
  20. Manchester united 6 american de Cali 3 @alizawi Great game this was end to end with blue form martial being the difference. Scorers Toko Ekambi 2 martial 3 and pellegri Andone 2 Said 1 Good game man
  21. You on tonight @Jungle_Team
  22. Best2005

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    Let me know sure.
  23. AlexDelPiedo

    Team Strengths

    People can self-impose the limits, adhere to the certain theme, and self-manage whatever fantasy they want. Lets not add more rules.
  24. PJM

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    40mil would need @GBR CRY to take deeney tho.
  25. Best2005

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    Have a few pm's about Neres. I'll look at your players.
  26. GBR CRY

    Bored - Trades & Sales, Maybe......

    I got 35m and a cb CHAMBERS or EL GANASSY LWF I could trade any chance of a deal
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