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  1. Yesterday
  2. Your team is still there on old sheet, Just didn't know which one it was mate. Lafont in goal?
  3. Nevermind, just saw I've been given back my team. Vitoria Setubal that is but a completely new squad!! So my team stayed on the team sheet all year, even though I left just as the season started, I was told it was still there recently and decided to come back if I get my team back and then it's scrapped? There was a reason I wanted that team back, it was an absolutely savage team and now I'm back to the start. Sorry lads, the deal was I'd return if I got my team back and with the way P2E is going and wanting to attract people, it was the least ye could do. Good luck
  4. Do i get my old team back, which is still there on the team sheets? @Superf1y Mk2 @PANDA
  5. Right going to have a draft pick this Sunday 28th starting at 11am it will be a first come first serve pick u can pick a player upto 79 rated so get scouting @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
  6. Last week
  7. Hey guys, I'm actually going to pull out of P2E this season. Been thinking about it for a while and need a break. Don't want to Start the season and pull out. Loved season one, was good fun and competitive enough. 2nd season was very competitive but I didn't have so much fun, and I guess thats the main thing. I'll still be around for friendly games etc. Cheers, had some cracking games against some of you. 🍻🍻
  8. Well it’s good to see members coming together and putting their views out there for all to see! Its basically an end of season thing before pes 2020 comes about. I want PtoE to be back how it was at the point of where i joined, which was funny, entertaining, committed members online all the time plugging away at matches in league, friendlies and com nights having a laugh and jokes etc. That’s what PtoE is about! Its up to all of us on both consoles to see this season out before pes2020, and just enjoy it! Have fun, get online and socialise mofo’s! Let’s go!
  9. Should maybe let everyone have a pick of a 83 to 85 rated player for one season wage free and our normal draft pick of 76 and below make it more competitive that way but I find most off the ps4 lads play competitive anyways always play fair and play a good game
  10. We don't mean camel toes or rinse repeat just competitive lads some players on Xbox don't even like to be pressed at all even thou thats part of the beautiful game
  11. Totally agree with hammy here I've been on this site now for 4 seasons and that's always been our thing no sweaty play no sweaty goals
  12. What a wanky post whole ethos of p2e is to get away from the sweaty play although the ps4 side has degenerated into the Brad pitt play style of late. I wanna play footy for fun not win at all cost might as well play myclub what a load of bollox
  13. I assume the commitment level needs to be the same, just the intensity of play will differ.
  14. I am happy to sign up to a casual Xbox league.... l am away for most of July so not being totally committed to all the fixtures suits me....
  15. In the season I played, it seemed competitive enough anyway. Every match pretty much had sweaty goals but I don't really care, I expected it though to be honest
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