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Wednesday Media Presser Notes

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#1 - "Game Week Review"

... we had few draws, first win, less losses, goal differential is coming down ( @OZMAZSTER ).

... must score "sitters", can't miss in front of the goal.

... more balls in the box - aerial or on the ground. Coach made an unprintable joke about "balls in the box".

#2 - "Ins and Outs" & "Drive-through"

Coach Farelli was channeling Roma Sporting Director Monchi ( @Superf1y Mk2 ) who famously said that AS Roma is not a supermarket, and then promptly sold Mo Salah to Liverpool.

Coach Farelli said that Racing Club is not a supermarket either, "we are more like drive-through where you do your business quicker.

Racing Club has signed Y. Kobayashi (AMF, 73), a Japanese National Team, player for 15M pounds ( @The Poacher) . Although 25 year old and already rated at 73, he caught an eye chiefly due to his accessible price-tag.

"He has room to develop, hell, 73 is a good floor, the upper floor is infinity". We are certain the Coach meant - "ceiling".

#3 - "Brad pitt My Coach Says" ( @PANDA)

According to players, the Coach is a big fan of philosophy and history, and also of swearing and tight pants. Here are some recent quotes from the Coaches' mouth:

..."The ball is like a joint, you would not give it away to a total stranger on the street. But if you pass it around in the company of friends - magic starts to happen".

..."Treat the ball like a baby, you would not kick it too hard, would you? As with the baby you must do it gently and with precision".

..."We are about speed, the faster we run, the less time we have to make mistakes."

#4 - Second Chances and Scientific ( @Cloughy)  approach

Several players will visit a carnival show as a part of motivational exercise, called "I Could Have Been a Carnie" created by Coach Farelli.

Braithwaite is still given a chance to prove himself as main striker, but in the AML position.

Jenkinson will be given a chance to justify his place on reserves.

T. Rincon will be given a chance to justify his "Pabellón criollo" dish he brought to "Food Where You are From Around The World" team's party last weekend. The dish was not very enticing.


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