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Is Market Crush Coming? Don't count on it...

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The heady days of Mr.Market is upon us.

Market is frothing with flurry of transfers, the deal making, the untold riches of stacked teams and purses on display.

The screams of joy,  welcoming "Free and Easy" cash infusions adding fuel powering exuberance of prices and stratospheric valuations, i.e. the Inflation!!!

Here you are, all giddy and silly, in anticipation of Friday Auctions, holding litte precious millions you managed to save, when "WHAM!" here comes a cowboy with newly
minted money and puts it down to bet -  55 mil!!!! for a new face.

What is wrong with this, Bro-fessor, you ask? What is wrong - is that "irrational exuberance" never ends well, but here, on P2E it carries no meaning at all.

Rarely someone gets punished for exuberance. Most often used phrase in transfer negotiations: "I paid 60M for this fella, so I want the same payout".

Maybe you should have not had paid these silly money in the first place?

So, what is missing?

Oh, the CRUSH. A.K.A. "Black Wednesday", the "Widow Maker", the "Storm of all Storms". Well, it is kind harsh you say and I will agree with you, no need to create unnecessary victims, however,

maybe just an increased supply of commodities (i.e., players) on the market will do the trick?

Until then, we will bear witness the old economic law in action - capital tends to accumulate in the hands of the few. So are the immutable laws of economic nature.


Bro-fessor ADP

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