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Back to the drawing board

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Back to the drawing board


It was time to face facts , hope was lost chances of survival were minimal . Lyon next four games were crucial to their P2E campaign ' Grumpy Rasta's Lyon had set sights on the future and to the next season in the Xbox division 1 .Olympic Lyon Lions begun to train for the new campaign using the remaining league to test there strategy and tactics. 4-5-1 was to be the away formation and an attacking 4-2-4 for home fixtures . The club sold a young prospect MATIUS CMF 70 rated.

A traded CB MIRIN 77 with @djtrixtafor DARDER CMF 78 .



Enquiries where made to gregmiester to acquire the services of a left footed winger T INCE RWF 75 a 19m fee was agreed and his transfer is being arranged.


Another team building Exercise was required and Lyon entered the UEFA CUP. to work on there defensive techniques .This time the level was set to TOP PLAYER and the fatigue and injuries settings where in play , to give the squad a more realistic test and the Xbox AI a fighting chance ,   on the PES 2018 offline gaming mode.


GBR was confident he could improve his ability and increase efforts to win promotion back to the premier league at P2E, his closest allies tried to help him @Corkdogg even bashed in a couple of own goals in there final battle of the season to allow Lyon a 2-2 draw @prastidudka said he felt for GBR during a 4-0 league defeat which had to be played at Torino ground due to a previous pitch invasion at the lions den, PRASTI offered some tactical advise and told GBR to be patient when attacking and more critical in front of goal 

Next up was @Superf1y Mk2 and after an exciting game Lyon only just lost out 2-1 . Super was impressed with the manor that the game was played a perfect example of the playtoenjoy way. Lyon happy with there progress moved on to play against arch enemy @Tyrone2Tuff always a disgusting violent fixture but Lyon was off to a great start with a cracking effort from Jaio Mario the midfielder danced around two defenders before blasting the ball home 1-0 until T2T disregarded the P2E rules and scored a succession of camel toe specials , the first was a blatant rebound from the keeper that T2T slotted away without remorse. Secondly he did the classic FIFA goal, run to the touch line and pass a square ball into the box for a tap into an empty net disgusting but nothing out of the ordinary for the lovely old git Tyrone2scruff who went on to win the game 4-2 as Lyon team felt robbed and no longer felt the desire to play entertaining football.


Meanwhile the P2E transfer market was suffering to a lack of funds, a heatwave payout was introduced but among many other outrage enhabitants GBR was not on the list what a rip off the poacher can go suck a rotten egg the workless Bitch THEN ... to top it all off the sharks 🦈 came the dark sides HAMMYBIGGS play a low down old school P2E trick , it was auction day and there was some tasty specimens in, whilst discuss a quality CB , WICKID and GBR heard a little voice say small CB are rubbish don't need them .... said hammycunningbriggs ... who won the auction and paid 45m the snake 🐍 I would show you the evidence but the recent P2E Prime Specimens market has been mysteriously deleted due to dodgy late bids @ oz and @ panda but lucky for you there's this... @Hammybiggs


@blueyboy_73 and the rest of you skanking administrative rights mofos sort it out ya late bids , you teefing........

@djtrixta Jungle buddy again aided GBR in transfer market and advise more training time ahead of the new game PES2019 SPOONY PIZZA was sort out to help with tactical discipline and GBRs studied them for a number of hours 



Lyon had finished top of their group in the UEFA CUP only suffering one defeat. Forentina, Vitesse and Benfica were all left behind. The goals where flying in but GBR still needed to work on his skills as the flip flaps scotch move were no flowing accurately and many attempted moves where unsuccessful.


With 25m to help improve the squad it was decided to save for a new CB as it had been a struggle trying to get VICCARONDA CB 77 to return from @AlexDelPiedo 


In the knockout phase Lyon meet FENERBACHE , AC MILAN AJAX and FEYENORD , after a great away draw the team where confident enough to get a 2-0 home win to send the through to the last eight to face AC . The semi final was FEYENORD , who were easily defeated .


Lyon advance to the FINAL against UNAI EMERYS ARSENAL @koko, which I discuss on my next article. But I think I have said enough now for a messily 5m but I know my article a worth more because the P2E management encourage me to write , at the poacher kiss me neck back and pay more for article , good ones at least Blakwritersmatter 😂 I'll do it on the hardiest setting now .. ENJOY ALLIGENCE .....





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