It's time to start talking about Season 4 lads.

PES 2018 will be released September 14, or September 12 for those of us making the trip to the US for early release. Once we have the game the real work will start as we ramp up the preparations in order to get the Leagues up and running again. 

As always we'll be asking you guys to check your squads and give us a list of your players along with their position and overall rating in PES 2018. Once we've collected the data and our sheet is done the transfer market will open, and the madness can begin.

I'm looking to start the season on October 16, a month after the full release of the game. This gives us time to recruit some new members and expand on both PS4 and Xbox over the next 6 or 7 weeks. Expect a push from us all on social media, on PES related forums and with help from our friends at PES Universe.

In the lead up to the start of season 4 we'll be organising a number of events. For League Members and new Forum Members we'll be running a small Pre-Season Cup. Dates and structure will be announced after release, keep your eyes peeled.



Sign-Ups are open now for season 4, old and new members will need to confirm their participation. We're looking to expand so anyone you know that might want to join then now is the time.

Follow the links to sign up for PS4 and Xbox One.  


3v3 Community Tourney

To go along with the hype the new mode has created, we'll be having one or two 3v3 tournaments before the season starts. These are planned for around the 24 September / 1 October. The dates aren't set in stone, they'll be decided by you, the community, based on what dates suit the most. Again we want to open these tournaments to the public and push to get more people involved in the community. Expext a big push from us in recruiting for these also.


Community Wars

Alongside this we're planning the long awaited forum wars, where we'll be challenging other PES/Video-Game forums and Communities to face off against our members, with PES Pride at stake. Those that want to show their ruthless side will go up against some of the best in the PES Community while representing Play To Enjoy.


Play To Enjoy Streamers

We'll be looking to get a few people streaming on release to get the brand and P2E vibes out there. Whether it's MyClub, Divisions or just P2E Friendlies we'll promote you through social media and the most sucessful could receive some gratitude on my part. If we get some serious numbers on certain streams we'll have some promo gear to use for competitions. 


Play To Enjoy Merchandise


So we've gone and invested in some merchandise with our sexy @PANDA designed PlayToEnjoy Logo, funded by the legend @Superf1y Mk2. These will be avaiable to purchase through the support page with the profits going towards the running of the site.

The prices are -

£20 for a P2E Hoody ; Sizes L/XL 

£12.50 for a P2E T-Shirt ; Sizes L/XL

£12.50 for a P2E Cap ; One size fits all

Postage should be included in these prices for UK/European deliveries, we're not yet certain for further afar.

Here's the pics, I wanted @OZMAZSTER to model them but no dice. 


As a thank you to our VIP members they'll receive 25% off, and we'll be raffling off a prize for them soon.

All new VIP members between now and the start of Season 4 will be put in a raffle for another prize on the opening day of the season.


VIP Supporters

We've added a new method to contribute to the running of the forum and site for those who may be interested. Instead of a monthly fee you can now pay in one go for a 3 month VIP Supporter option. You'll receive the same benefits as normall VIP members for the 3 months including a minimal early release fee, VIP auctions, auction previews, reduction on merchandise and more. Any help towards paying the bills is appreciated. Check out the support page for more details.


New Wage Structure

The wage structure put in place last season was a basic one, and I'm glad people saw that it was just to help balance the playing field for some members. This season we'll be implementing a similar system, although it's a little more complicated. Below is the first draft of prices for players, this could change when we see the new ratings. Remember this is in place to make the League and Transfer-Market fairer and more fun for all members of the community. 




I've been working on a new database with @koko and @Sar9enator. This will be a fully searchable P2E Database with the stats of every team and player in P2E. A small demo is available to see in action here. This is a gamechanger for the serious managers here.

We expect it to be fully searchable by stats, managers, teams etc as soon as possible. And hopefully it'll be looking a bit sexier by then too.


PlayToEnjoy Social Links

We've installed a new plugin that displays your Social Media and Gamertag Info. To access click your forum name on the top right corner of the screen >>  settings > social info. 

You can add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, XBOX, PS4 and Web-Site.


That's all the info we have for now, once the game drops and we see what's what we'll be in a position to give out more time specific dates and details.

Until then.. PlayToEnjoy