rsz teamplaykings

The P2E Team Play Kings

"King Of The Leagues"

As if they hadn't already had enough, they came asking for more. Some donkey's thinking there PES players challenged the P2E boy's to a team play game and the lads answered the challenge with the eye of the tiger burning.

The Doc just woke up, backwards time for a backwards motherFahooker, i was still rubbing sleep out of my eyes when i joined the chat party for a sesh. Prawny, Don, Mowgs, Ali, The Polish Prosti and Ozbert were already in the chat, having a laugh, when i was quickly informed about todays events. The P2E boys were challenged to a team play game from a rival league.

OZ was gathering up information, finding out which team we should pick, who's on form and who's not. He came back with a result, Everton, he says were on the best form. What is a liverpool fan doing picking Everton to represent P2E? Never mind, they were in good form and after some chattered and tactical tweaks the boys set the team up as we all thought would be best to play those donkey's. Who did those bum's pick? Liverpool, we could not lose this game for so many reasons now.

The boys were so positive, fired up, backing each other, ready to rumble, ready to step up to the challenge of our rivals. Those other donkey's were talking it up before the game, homophobic slurs, bigging themselves and there league up, even trying to recruit us, telling us to join them, to join the enemy. It was like a bum on the street, trying to convince you to move into his cardboard box with him. Delusional.

Kick off and it was on. There tactic was evident from the start, hit the wings and cross, sweat. We could have gone and done the same thing and abused Lukaku and his good form arrow, but everyone very quickly and very much on the same page said no, we are P2E and we don't play like that! It was then the boys all knew without having to say any more, we were all on the same wave length and our beautiful team play was proof of that.

The first goal of the night went to us and what a goal it was. Not only was it a sign of things too come but a demonstration of what P2E is, compared to those other bum leagues. Kevin Mirallas was off balance and the ball bounced behind him, by the looks of it, nothing was on really, and then, beauty happened. A scorpion kick, Mirallas' flipped and hit the ball with his heel, sending into the back of the net to open the scoring and sending the lads into ruptures of laughter and cheers. OZ could be heard in the background singing and dancing, he was wearing his cheerleader skirt and pom pom's and all.

If the first goal was a show of P2E class, then the second was a show of P2E togetherness. A delicious driven ball from Baines was perfectly timed and very much deliberate, spotting the run of Lukaku who was onside and through on goal, he was one on one with the on rushing goal keeper and just as we all thought he would go and chip the spastic that is Mignolet, instead in true P2E fashion, he stopped on the ball and passed it off to a on rushing team mate to tap it in. There was no selfishness, no glory hunting, no ball hogging, no in fighting or arguing, the P2E boys were together and enjoying. And before we knew it, it was half time and the P2E boys were up 5-2, them other bums were shell shocked, stunned, couldn't believe what we were doing to them, we were scoring more often then Charlie Sheen in his prime on a crack binge with all sorts of whores in his hotel room, we had tiger blood, we were winning.

The celebrations started early, and although any professional would tell you, the game isn't over until its over and you should never celebrate too early, well balls to that, we were playing gimp's and didn't even have to take it seriously anymore, we even stopped defending, played with 1 at the back the rest of the game and just to cap the whole night off, scored a beautiful, cheeky back heel goal to send the gimps back to there gimp league. The game ended 7-4 to P2E, and that scoreline flattered those other bums, they got away with it if anything, we dominated them like Rocco Siffredi does whores. They were calling us homo's before the game, but they are the ones that got there assholes violently abused, deep and often. 

P2E boys proved without a shadow of a doubt we are the dominate league, with better lads and better PES players and most of all a better philosophy of how the game should be played, with class and joy, laughter and OZ in a cheerleaders outfit.

Nice one lads, was fun and easy.

We have since tried to upload the video to PornHub, but apparently they don't accept rape videos, fair enough.