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    @Cyhyraeth74 @Balonga1 @Bibby @Elfish Parrot @KENNETH192 http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=36967 £2m if u want Lads dont worry there will be more players and members mentioned in this topic in the next couple days 👏🏽
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    I'm pissed pal ain't got a clue
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    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=111343 Considering selling purely from a wage perspective but will need a huge offer to take him. I paid £30m on top of Milik for him. The stats speak for themselves: Finishing 87 😍
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    @Damok21 post-him up for the original price you bought him for 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪👍🏽 Go to spend this money before the casino pit bus comes for it
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    Ideally if players getting offered id be after AMF preferably with step on control.
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    Probably never get a game due to his Brad pittttty form, and if i play ya im targetting the glass ankled throbber with injury resistance 1 as well lol
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    Anyone done these missions yet? I've done 2 so far, The Billy Midnight one is good. You end up on a train that takes you to St Denis a huge industrial city, it's immense.
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    @NicShoneeBoy @PJM You both need to pay @The Poacher an ESF for Sinclair and Mawson respectively Going forward if you don't state the ESF in the deal you will be getting fined
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    Got another offer via dm for..barrios plus 20 so will have to decide soon. @ThaLoveShak @djtrixta Will let it run for a few more hours lads when I'm back at home.
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    You can win the bonus prize which occurs every second week just by having the most points for that set week Bud. @CuteBrownBear 👍🏽
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    Swap you for 2 cash boxes
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    Let’s do it. Going to try CMF along with Canas in midfield.
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    It seems a long time ago since Big Ron took over at Torino and made his first appearance in the P2E league.... Anyway after leaving Torino due to Roland's (Nilsson) sexual exploits with the chairmans wife, Big Ron had a brief spell in Portugal in charge of Benfica where somehow he managed a promotion. Although the Portuguese climate thoroughly agreed with Big Rons need for constant tan, the lure of Japan and the offer of a free motorbike from Kawasaki was too much to resist and off he went to the land of the rising sun. A big decision had to be made at this point.... was he going to take Roland (his faithful no 2)? After much deliberation Big Ron came to the conclusion that lure of Geisha girls all over the place was going to prove too enticing for Roland, and as consequence he felt it would be best if he searched for a new no 2. Flicking through the contact list on his iPhone, he could see a whole range of potential candidates..... Gary Megson, Sheridan, Hirsty, Waddle..... all had fine qualities but Mego was too ginger, Sheridan... mad Irish John Snow, Hirsty... always on the pop and Waddle... never available as he is always doing reunion gigs singing Diamond Lights with that nut job Hoddle. Then his eye was caught by one name... Palmer! Why of course.... it was the obvious choice Carlton Palmer... who better to have as a no 2! Hardworking industrious, Carlton wold be the perfect choice... his mr gadget like limbs would look great in the Kawasaki tracksuit... A quick call to Carlton and the deal was done .... Much to Big Ron's surprise Carlton had just done a coaching course and was full of enthusiasm and ideas for his new role! Controversially he wanted him to scrap his 4 4 2 formation that had served him so well and implement a new 4 3 3 system. Big Ron was not too keen on such a radical shake up but as Carlton pointed out.. "it hasn't done Klopp any harm". Anyway after several Sapporo's followed by a couple of Saki's.... even Big Ron could see the benefits of a new 4 3 3 system.... at least it would play to the strengths of Pepe (the main man on the right wing). Recruitment was going to be crucial, the old guard was going to have to go .... Gourcuff, Stoch , Di Santo, Ivi Lopez , Rebrov were all shipped out. In came new fresh talent L Evangelista (who wouldn't want a super model in the centre of midfield) , Vada (every team needs some one with Jedi powers) and Daddy Cool..... now it is questionable whether Daddy Cool was brought in for his footballing ability or whether Big Ron just loved the hit back in the 70's and just wanted the opportunity to sing "ooooooh Daddy, ooooooh Daddy" in every team talk... at least the Karaoke sessions on the long coach journeys were sorted... With the new squad assembled... it is now time to see whether Big Ron and the Kawasaki squad can handle life in the Xbox Premier.... early results have been up and down... and it looks like survival will be the main target for this season.... @mowgli77
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    Nah man, sure it started at midnight last night/this morning. So should be good....hence why the transfer market is mental today!!
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    It's taken a few short months for Catalan minnows Girona to make their mark at Play To Enjoy. Placed in Division 1 and led by Welsh manager Baddar, the Gironistes have surpassed expectations and find themselves near the top of the table as the half-way point of the season approaches. "It's not a situation we were expecting to be in, but I think we're there on merit. It's a hard-working group and the results thus far have matched our strong performances," Baddar told the Jungle Gazette. Girona is a club that hadn't as much as played in the top tier of Spanish football until 2017, and now they're making waves on the world stage. Baddar is refusing to get carried away with their good start, however. "Everyone had tipped us to be in a relegation battle, but the first eight games have gone well for us. It's important we build on it though, as there's still a long way to go in the season." Many have singled out a few players in particular regarding the strong start - Valère Germain being one of them, with the Frenchman netting 7 times already. Jonathan Cafú has also received plaudits for his performances which have included a handful of goals. Valère Germain - 7 goals so far for Girona "It's such a cliche thing to say but it's been a team effort. Andreas Pereira has been fantastic alongside Luka (Milivojevic) in midfield, Abdul (Waris) has stepped in when required and done a great job, and when you look at the amount of goals we've conceded compared to the rest of the league, we're strong at the back, too." The Girona boss did refuse to get drawn into any promotion talk though. "Look, I've said since the start of the season that it's a very competitive league. There are a few teams who've stood out so far but there are no easy wins. My job is to get the lads playing attractive football and the results will hopefully continue to speak for themselves."