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    As people might of noticed a lot of transfers were done last night and we are now up to date. As with any new people doing new jobs there might be the "odd got no fans in the road". So if this is the case of any missing players please let one of the Transfer Staff know ASAP and we will get it sorted as quickly as possible. @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member @Transfer Staff
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    Manchester United missing player leo Messi ....
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    35 mill @Corkdogg
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    I don't know if you have him or not but he said he'd love to have Phil Jones and expecially Ashley Young. World class @Damok21 šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‚
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    Hey guys, I'm actually going to pull out of P2E this season. Been thinking about it for a while and need a break. Don't want to Start the season and pull out. Loved season one, was good fun and competitive enough. 2nd season was very competitive but I didn't have so much fun, and I guess thats the main thing. I'll still be around for friendly games etc. Cheers, had some cracking games against some of you. šŸ»šŸ»
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    Yes in about 15 mins, waiting for the other half at Tesco FFS. šŸ™„
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    I can try get on tonight ya. I'll message you if I'm on
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    HyperX HX-HSCS-BK/EM Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset for PC/Xbox/One/PS4/Wii U/Mobile, Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LRX2DSA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_7rf5CbTNFPTPH
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    Yeah go on then, I'll write it soon
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    Sevilla 2:0 Red Bull Brasil Goals: Andre Silva x2 @Beastermc Amazing game, barely managed to hold of your attack in the first half! Good luck in the future!
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    Cool I'll be there around 7:30
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    Red Bull Brasil 3-3 West Ham Super game this that was 0-0 at half time! Defences were on top in the first half but forgot what they were doing in the second as it was goal after goal once the deadlock was broken. A crazy 6 minute spell saw 5 goals as Antonio opened the scoring on 61 mins, only for Coulibaly to equalise and then Vargas put the hammers 2-1 up. Coulibaly responded again with a thunderbolt in off the crossbar but back came Vargas with a superb touch and finish for 3-2 West ham 67 mins gone! Coulibaly then set up substitute Edenilson with a backheel to make it 3-3 in the 82nd but no sight of a winner for either. Great game @Don Raphael 007! MOTM: Coulibaly Scorers: Coulibaly X2, Edenilson Vargas X2, Antonio @Damok21
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    Agreed pal. Very good game. Tough stuff!!
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    Shakhtar vs RB Brasil 2:2 Pitbul TIQUINHO, Palacios Coulibaly, Rodrygo MOTM Coulibaly GG Well played @Beastermc FYI @Damok21
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    When are you on?? You ready for our bottom of the table match.
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    Still a few games to played guys so got till Wednesday then games get defaulted @PS4 League Member
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    Fahook me for not following match threads! Pinging you on PSN.
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    Cracking game @Beastermc. After that early screamer I was always playing catch up. But it was a great end to end game. I watched E. Elmas replay a few times and it was so close. Maybe next time. @Cyhyraeth74 1-4 @Beastermc Result agreed @Damok21
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    @Hammybiggs SPAL 1 v 2 SHAKHTAR @czysty Goals Abdulrahman x 1 Stepinski x 1 Greenwood x 1 MOM Stepinski I played rubbish and you had 13 players wp matey
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    Nice one cheers Write it up when you ready
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    I've got le marchard 77cb u can have for 15mil if u want mate @Cyhyraeth74
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    Think Iā€™m preferring this offer @PANDA
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    Loren moron got some serious cardage, I'd do 65m and him too.
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    Saturday and sunday i will be available.
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    Osaka 0-1 Barcelona Goal: Boateng Motm: Origi CS: Vorm GG @Ashe5 well played, couldn't cope with your attack. Catch ya next time.
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    Ajax 3-4 Shaktar End to end game could of gone either way but this time Shaktar took it , a Demba Ba hattrick was not enough to stop Pitbull and Rony Good game @czysty Goalscorers Ajax Ba x3 Shaktar Soares x1 Abdulrahman x1 Rony x1 Tibbling x1 @Damok21 result
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    GUSTAVO SCARPA RMF 78 Playing Style Hole Player Player Skills Double Touch Chip shot control One-touch Pass Weighted Pass Had him for centuries. Ask @Corkdogg how many freekicks he's bagged against him. Floats them in for fun. Looking for a big wad of cash or maybe a trade for some cardage. Let's take a look back at some memorable King of Swing moments...
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    I won't be on tonight I'm on Thursday night half 9 10ish @Hammybiggs
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    How much for your Butt....ner? @ThaLoveShak
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    Let me see what other offers I get bud, I will let you know soon Looking for cash!
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    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=1073787750 for Sanchez Mino
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    Hi @Jungle_Team hi mate. I should be on tonight after 21:00. But if I can get on earlier I will.
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    Feyernoord 1 - Ajax 3 Feyernoord Martinez Ajax Keane Benitez Kolo Good game @KENNETH192
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    Am out tonight mate will be on tmoz night from 7
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    Ā£20m vultures offer @PANDA
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    Well lads, Just back to P2E after a short absence and it seems that there is little or no activity going on in the forum. I've been trying to do deals since I got back and have already done 4 but it's only the same 3 or 4 of us doing deals. Is everyone else just happy with their teams? Hopefully it picks up soon. The most enjoyable part for me is doing deals so I hope to be doing lots more with all of ye soon. I've loads for sale
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    Ain't gonna happen @KENNETH192 sry Champions League tonight šŸ˜Ž Tomorrow 8.30
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    Deal, I'll write it up after work
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    Damn those stats , use to have him Looking for below Not for me man cheers
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    Yup write up armero please!
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    Not tonight mate Wednesday and thursday
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