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    count me in if there is a place for a old member
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    Thanjs man. I just need a back up CB really? How much you after for him? Might look to see who else I can replace him with so I can keep the above pretty much the same
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    Please declare and place your name down below if you would like to take part in the upcoming season ⚽️⚽️ Sign-ups: @Corkdogg @ClaretChris @djtrixta @ThaLoveShak @ajuhlin @Best2005 @GBR CRY @Thorpski @PJM @PANDA @superf1y mk2 @jj4c @koko @balonga @alex del piedo @CuteBrownBear @JAMOHEADRUSH @Ashe5 @Elfish Parrot @WICKID
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    16 so far for the PS4 sign ups. 1 big league or 2 x leagues of 8?
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    Gonna be an exciting season, cannot wait!! Oz can I get a list of who definitely is not coming back for the new season please ZooKeepers
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    Well I'm in if I haven't said so already
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    If you haven’t signed up yet please don’t miss out and place your name below for season eight. This signup topic will be closing shortly so do not miss out for season 8. All late signups will be placed on the waiting list Thx 👍🏽✌🏼👋⚽️ @Xbox League Member
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    @Elfish Parrot are you in ?
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    Yeah back to my old stomping ground Still pop on ps4 for some friendlys
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    You going Xbox next season?
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    If my knees can take it, I'm in.
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    Let's do it boys, count me in in in!!
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    It’s an absolute no brainer from me! Yes yes yes!!!
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    I'm in best place to play pes #p2eforthewin
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