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    Right going to have a draft pick this Sunday 28th starting at 11am it will be a first come first serve pick u can pick a player upto 79 rated so get scouting @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
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    The below league members all receive a mystery community box for participating in last night's community teamplay event. @djtrixta @GBR CRY @ThaLoveShak @Elfish Parrot @Thorpski @Superf1y Mk2 @ClaretChris @Corkdogg @Tyrone2Tuff @Best2005 @prastidudka It was a fiery affair but a good tourny all in before we all got a bit shouty Congrats to dj & Corky for topping the table. All members that tried to participate will receive a payout. In future we expect a certain level of respect for one another. Sometimes the "banter" does get a bit much but as we are all adults here I expect we have all looked back and laughed at how heated we get over a computer game. Shows our passion I suppose.. Think we will leave teamplay for a bit.. #Playtoenjoy @Administrator
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    The limits are there and serve as a good ceiling on slagability. Personally i always like to have my team on the threshold of wages and team strength just a personal thing and i enjoy it that way. I think the last thing we need is the reset when arsing around with tweaks here and there could bring about the desired results and also stimulate the transfer merry go round. e.g. we have an 80's limit so we could then have a 75 and below minimum requirement, i.e. maybe 10 of your 25 need to be 75 and under spread over att, mid, def, this would probably raise the desirability of these players as folk look to fill their quota instead of them being horsed into the bin for fekk all.
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    Hi lads @PS4 League Member Thought ye might like to know who the Top scorers are so far in the league. I've the premiership done. Will do the championship when I get a chance ! Can lads please ensure they fill in goalscores in match reports as some matches were left blank. Premiership: Martial 11 (Manchester United) damok21 Uth 8 (Monaco) Crn A Silva 7 (Sevilla) Nikola Toko Ekambi 6 (Manchester United) Sio 6 (Red Bull Brasil) beastermac I Williams 5 (Red Bull Brasil)
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    Mod Lads of the forum please unburden me by taking Emiliano Sala from my team. Its a dreadful situation having him in my team and its in bad taste using him. Do the right thing. @The Poacher @The Vulture
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    have you no shame at all? a shred, maybe?
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    No one has cash anymore dude, all gambled it away. Andthose who have cash prefer to gamble rather than buy players ๏ฟผ. Welcome to the p2e casino.
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    Sorry lads lost my cash on mystery boxes can't buy anyone ha
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    Blind auctions are possible, I can't remember how we did it before but I think everyone has to be bumped down from admin for them. The admin guys place their bids first and are bumped back up. I like the idea of themed auctions, and also I like the idea of any player under a certain OVR auction or no wages for a season auctions. Apart from that I think articles on the leagues and what's going on always add something to the site. Rivalries are what the sport is built on and it should be used in the leagues.
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    Ya need to sell that bum after those last 5 results ..... everybody knows dost is a bag of Barry White if u didnt have that coconut your team would be Barry White too lol
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    We going to have a brand change been wolves for 3 seasons now need to freshen things up @Administrator
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    @Thorpski @jj4c @Superf1y Mk2 @GBR CRY @Skobi @djtrixta @Elfish Parrot The above all receive a mystery box for participating in the latest Xbox Com Night.
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    I thought this was going to be about Declan Rice
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    Anybody else think the team strengths are really high nowadays? I was just browsing, and including myself in this, there's plenty of high level players. Mine for example, my starting 11 includes 9 players 78 rated or over. That's pretty massive I think. Would be interesting to get other peoples opinions on squads. Should we have a change around after this season, and get back to having teams of the occasional 78/79 and a team centred around 73-76. Before anyone says 'oh sell your players etc etc', suck your mum, and my team is massively within the rules and I have a wage of like 25m.
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    Welcome to the Pes Colosseum! to the home of champions This one is for elite sportsman! Please put your name down if you would like to take part! Style vs Style, One winner! One off tournament to pruve your style is the best! To take place in the near future one on Xbox one and on ps4, if you have both consoles you can play in both! Not a slagfest! or you did it so now I will do it back to you type of thing. Play YOUR OWN BRAND of football and show that it is good enough to win! The only rule is we all play to enjoy! @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
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    Gross misuse of the mention facilities. 10m fine ya little poom poom Or just write it up, 10m
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    Crazy updates guys, check your players. I have a tough decision to make now that Bruno Fernandes is up from 80 to 81. Romagnoli also up from 82 to 83! @czysty Piatek is 79! we need to talk!!! @PANDA Fran Beltran up to 75 @koko Torreira 84 now @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
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    It looks better in the Milan Jersey. You will hear from my scouting agents in the coming weeks.
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    Same old Chelsea! Always racist!
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    I was thinking more about this recently. I think people mentioned players 83+ coming into the league and I honestly think they're what's missing to balance the market and squads. The game has a cycle and we should be finishing each PES with strong teams, players that have shone over the football season is who we all want to play with, but instead there's too much focus put on young players that might get an upgrade to a 78 next game. It's ridiculous really. I think the big boys should come out and wages should be paid for the season, you want to play with a top 84 striker and you should be able to for the last season of each PES. With people placing so much value on youth with potential then let's see the values of some 84 rated 30+ aged players with their wages. People just wait for kids in the auctions and then quoting people 60m for some bum they picked in the draft that's under 20 with a few cards. I wanna run through your team of 72 rated defenders you value at 50m with Hulk. Let's see you try get that for them in the market after Hulk smashes 4 in every game. Market needs shaking up like it always does and the big boys are the way to do that. Let's see if @The Poacher still has the balls he had a few years ago and changes up. I wanna see the market explode again, with cash along with the top rated players meaning something again. I wanna see a player go up and bids coming in, it's boring asking people how much they want, and then just saying yes or no. Transfers should be more engaging than that, there's deals to be done all the time, haggling is a massive part of it or at least it should be.
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    6 for me cheers was good laught didn't even save goal properly says I saved it can't find it
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    It was a good tourney, apart from the shouting lol. My ears where ringing after it all. I like teamplay, only played as it was, and not 1v1. Think some folk just need to chill Banter back and forth is good, but people need to keep it respectful. @Superf1y Mk2 you getting involved cost us the top spot lol fs we finished 3rd
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    Must have clicked the wrong thread. All I see are a load of overrated young pups and degenerate gamblers. ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜€
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    Where did you find a 50% discount coupon? Or is there a player involved?
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    13 should do it @OZMAZSTER
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    So what, appoint a guy who will not participate in the auction - big deal. I can skip first three for sure. No problem.
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    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=45179 Fajr Looking to mix it up, needs to be a good offer in this inflated market.
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    Getting these worldies rightly this month pasqueta ozzing class here ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›
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    I'll kick it off my new signing first game
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    All the members that stepped forward will be given a job and will be contacted shortly in the next couple days. Be ready and thanks once again for helping your community grow. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ P. S There are still opportunities to sign up to become staff as they are a couple rolls leftover @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
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    @Best2005 @jj4c @djtrixta Congrats lads.
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    Triple myclub pionts coming soon on pes @Thorpski @djtrixta @Skobi @ThaLoveShak
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    We don't mean camel toes or rinse repeat just competitive lads some players on Xbox don't even like to be pressed at all even thou thats part of the beautiful game
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    hi boys check this out. https://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk/
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    My thoughts is you guys have done a Sterling job, keep up the good work, no need for change but I do like the home grown rule I wouldn't mind having to start a Irishman or two for the fun of it
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    Everything is perfect the way it is and that's coming from me I have had more lower rated players than everyone
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    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN BACK TO MY LAST SHOW https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en 5 WINS IN 5 20 GOALS THATS TITLE WINNING TALK @djtrixta @ThaLoveShak @OZMAZSTER @Superf1y Mk2 @WICKID
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    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=46037 Heโ€™s worth a hundred million Heโ€™s a little Brazilian He plays for the scousers in blue He covers more positions than your wife and sister too 89 rating for explosive power Add him to your team in the next couple of hours Heโ€™s got balance, heโ€™s got pace Heโ€™ll dribble round you, take a touch and laugh in your face Get yourself a dynamo dwarf, heโ€™s Evertonโ€™s answer to Messi. He also plays RWF, RMF, LMF and AMF. (Excellent at AMF, 79 rating) Looking for cash, lots of it.
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    Poacher always gets his pound of flesh big chap. You know the rules hes a greedy fukka
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    Also think having an auction a week that only people that have played say 70% of their fixtures can bid on. Or maybe start at 50% played to begin with. Puts the onus on people to get the games played to get the best auctions.
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    Hey Guys, Just a quick poll to see when it's best to host a community night for XBOX members? Please vote and comment if you have other queries @Xbox League Member
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    Yeah so smooth with some players, Sandro definitely one of them
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