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    Apparently it came out ages ago but I've never heard of it. Seen it on game pass and it had 5 stars so thought I'd give it a blast. Starts slow but I'm a few hours in now and I'm loving it. Won't be for everyone but it's a gorgeous game, tense fun swordplay and creepy as fuck. Also very disturbing I think your character defo needs sectioning once she finishes her quest. Gotta use headphones to get the best out of it and hear all your fucked up multiple personalities in your head laughing at you when some big giant prick twats you in the chops and puts you down, a second from death. Can't put it down atm. 4.5 bamboos out 5 possibly rising to a 5 If the ending is any good.
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    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN BACK TO MY LAST SHOW https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en
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    Bang the magic number. I'm writing it up if you are happy mate @PANDA
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    Just trade @ThaLoveShak or you taking cash to feed your gambling addiction?
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    Also I should add it's only 6 hours long but if you die too many times you have to start all over again... like from the beginning... ha. tense stuff
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    @JAMOHEADRUSH you have gone down in my estimation dont lower yourself to DOST mate thats like taking a slag to the prom and then waking up next to a moose
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    One of the voices sounds freakishly like my missus when I pop the cork too early...
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    Triple myclub pionts coming soon on pes @Thorpski @djtrixta @Skobi @ThaLoveShak
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