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    @Best2005 @jj4c @djtrixta Congrats lads.
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    15M Payout for the winner (Plus Signature) 10M for 2nd place 5M for 3rd place GUIDELINES ON POSTING ENTRIES Videos need to be uploaded to youtube and linked in here. One goal entry per clip/youtube video, no multiple compilation videos. Videos need to be titled "Manager name, PES Player who scored goal" Like so: Makes it a lot easier when editing Videos also should not include any background music If you can't follow these simple guidlines then your video won't be considered Maximum 3 entires per jungle inhabitant. at the end of the month, staff will compile a video of ten entries, you vote. Good luck Post your entries in here. You have until 31st January to get them in. FRIENDLY GAMES ONLY @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
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    E. ALMENDRA CMF 70 Playing Style Orchestrator Player Skills Scissors Feint Double Touch Step On Skill control First-time Shot One-touch Pass Outside Curler Malicia https://www.transfermarkt.com/agustin-almendra/profil/spieler/491698 https://www.whoscored.com/Players/355724/Show/AgustΓ­n-Almendra Everyone is after this kid, Milan, Barca, Portsmouth. Big future and quality in the game Looking for cash
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    Sound man @Corkdogg write it up ! Ha
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    Give it til half 2 mate and I'm happy to write it up
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  7. 1 point
    Paid 35 damo would take 30 or a trade for cm ask @djtrixta his dribbling and shots πŸ˜›
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    No worries bud!
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    Let me have a think on it mate, thanks!
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    @Damok21 @Jungle_Team congrats lads. πŸ‘πŸ½
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    Would need to trial him m8.
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    Your mad fam I got love for you still but not even them Chelsea man going to reach your valuation dawg
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    U don't want to play what it cost simples don't come bk asking he ain't for sale and if he is he ain't never going to you mate wasteing my timeand on that note 7 in a row
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    Corky you are tripping your off my Xmas list 2019 1-0 to the RANGERS BTW
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    That beast release has weekend my team bad I need to sort my midfield out don't even wanna sell him but needs must
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    Yo it's done @ThaLoveShak write it up familia
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    Come on @koko Arsenal baby
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    Definitely will do brother keep it Arsenal
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    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=47712 Big tommo finally up who wants some
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    Good offer but I don't use wingers homie