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  1. Great read @Thorpski Paid.
  2. Big Announcement and Timelines for New Season Coming Soon!

    1. NicShoneeBoy


      Brand Window,  yay


      @Gregmeister aint spoke to me since I took the reigns at Villa 

    2. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      Grumpy B4stard Rasta ready and wait:high1:ing 

    3. Ultravires
  3. PlayToEnjoy Pros? :shifty:

    Watch this space.. :box:


    1. PANDA


      I hate charging for my services tbh. It's not about the money

  4. Admin Auction up lads, Lars Bender

  5. It's All About The Month of May

  6. Some Nice Auctions Up Lads, and Rule Tweak

  7. Get Your AWOLS in Today, Thread Closes Midnight Tonight

  8. Don't forget My Auctions guys, some tasty players up for grabs

  9. Anyone with players 83 rated or over come see me tomorrow

  10. VIPs Keep An Eye On The VIP Section Through The Day

  11. Keep your eyes out for Snap Auctions, they will close within hours of going up..

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