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  1. How's everyone finding the game? Haven't played much but I've liked what I have played. 

  2. Where's the hype?

    1. PANDA


      Hype man back in the room

  3. Been a bit busy with some family stuff recently guys. Will be back about this weekend and need to get all my games played. 


  4. Happy New Year to all!

    Have a good one lads. 

    1. ThaLoveShak


      Happy New year koko! :party:

  5. On for league games in next hour lads if people are about. 

    @Corkdogg @CuteBrownBear @ajuhlin @PANDA @Superf1y Mk2 @Ashe5 @Tyrone2Tuff


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Corkdogg


      I'm coming on I'm 10 mins 

    3. koko


      I'll be on in 10.

    4. ajuhlin


      I think we played our game last week mate☺️

  6. Did they fix the game or what?

  7. It's been emotional guys. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. koko


      Decided to pack it @Cloughy

    3. Cloughy


      Nahhh man you're the founding father your work built this, the site, the sheets, the systems 

      I know the time difference is tough mate but hope you can work it out, would hate to see you go.

    4. Skobi


      I'm wit him you @koko, oh captain much captain, 

      you name the place and the new site and I'm right there with you lad, WOLVERINES 

  8. My boy Saint-Maximin doing the business for the legend Vieira ! 

  9. Quality first day for the new season. Great to see so many transfers and had some cracking games against @Corkdogg , @PANDA and @Elfish Parrot.

    Cheers to all the lads for sorting everything so far @OZMAZSTER @Ultravires @PANDA @Cloughy @Superf1y Mk2..the place is buzzing.

    @Corkdogg you may have got lucky with your Mourinho football earlier but you know you can't handle me. 

    @djtrixta I forgive you for your ungentlemanly transfer dealings. 

    I'll be writing a preview of the Xbox Divs later, be good to see one for the PS4 side too. 

    1. Cloughy


      Cheers Koko mate, I know you know what its like at the coal face getting the season started so appreciate the comments :D

      Gotta say massive respect to @Ultravires who saw what needed doing and stepped up, he's put in days (not hours of work) to get things off the ground. Top guy, I don't think the place would be where it is without him. 

  10. Finally back to civilization !


  11. After alll those good games with @Superf1y Mk2 I play the u I rate super I don't rate u anymore 😂😂😂

    1. koko


      You just sad you list even though you went full sweat against me. 😂😂🤣

    2. Corkdogg


      Fahook off u lol the sweat of u

  12. First impressions of PES 2019 are good. More fluid than the demo that felt a bit clunky for me. Ball physics and passing seem pretty much spot on. Game looks class..looking like it could be a good year for PES.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. koko


      Be on in a few hours. Still in bed FFS 

    3. Corkdogg


      2 each on games tonight u on tomorrow

    4. koko


      Was 3-2 to me Langer. 

      Aye, I'll be on tomorrow.

  13. Back from me trip tomorrow. Will be about this weekend to finish all league games so let me know and I'll be on to hand out the whoopings.

  14. On est champion.


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