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  1. 50m for ZAMBO ANGUISSA Mr @GBR CRY ?
  2. D. OSPINA L. TORREIRA Can I have prices please?
  3. Been a bit busy with some family stuff recently guys. Will be back about this weekend and need to get all my games played. 


  4. I was thinking more about this recently. I think people mentioned players 83+ coming into the league and I honestly think they're what's missing to balance the market and squads. The game has a cycle and we should be finishing each PES with strong teams, players that have shone over the football season is who we all want to play with, but instead there's too much focus put on young players that might get an upgrade to a 78 next game. It's ridiculous really. I think the big boys should come out and wages should be paid for the season, you want to play with a top 84 striker and you should be able to for the last season of each PES. With people placing so much value on youth with potential then let's see the values of some 84 rated 30+ aged players with their wages. People just wait for kids in the auctions and then quoting people 60m for some bum they picked in the draft that's under 20 with a few cards. I wanna run through your team of 72 rated defenders you value at 50m with Hulk. Let's see you try get that for them in the market after Hulk smashes 4 in every game. Market needs shaking up like it always does and the big boys are the way to do that. Let's see if @The Poacher still has the balls he had a few years ago and changes up. I wanna see the market explode again, with cash along with the top rated players meaning something again. I wanna see a player go up and bids coming in, it's boring asking people how much they want, and then just saying yes or no. Transfers should be more engaging than that, there's deals to be done all the time, haggling is a massive part of it or at least it should be.
  5. Also think having an auction a week that only people that have played say 70% of their fixtures can bid on. Or maybe start at 50% played to begin with. Puts the onus on people to get the games played to get the best auctions.
  6. Will write it up if @PJM doesn't want him.
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