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  1. Blind auctions are possible, I can't remember how we did it before but I think everyone has to be bumped down from admin for them. The admin guys place their bids first and are bumped back up. I like the idea of themed auctions, and also I like the idea of any player under a certain OVR auction or no wages for a season auctions. Apart from that I think articles on the leagues and what's going on always add something to the site. Rivalries are what the sport is built on and it should be used in the leagues.
  2. koko

    Patrick - Beast CM

    Fair enough mate. He can go for cash if you want.
  3. koko

    Patrick - Beast CM

    Got sorted at AM. Can we do a deal for Oscar Romero?
  4. koko

    100m for a CF, AM and Winger

    What you looking for bud?
  5. .. Players below, want to blow my cash.
  6. koko

    Patrick - Beast CM

    I'll give him a run out
  7. koko

    Carroll - All Round CM

    Want him for that? Happy to write it up.
  8. koko

    Patrick - Beast CM

    Not for me mate, prefer Patrick.