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  1. koko

    Koko - Arsenal vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    Will be on tonight if it suits you?
  2. koko

    Corkdogg - Celtic vs Koko - Arsenal

    Write it up @Corkdogg
  3. koko

    Superf1y Mk2 - River Plate vs Koko - Arsenal

    Don't forget to add this @Superf1y Mk2
  4. koko

    Cutebrownbear - Vasco De Gama vs Koko - Arsenal

    Agreed, two great games mate. @Superf1y Mk2
  5. koko

    Koko - Arsenal vs Cutebrownbear - Vasco De Gama

    Arsenal 5 - 2 Vasco A. Hernandez Redmond Chicharito Chicharito A. Hernandez A. Hernandez Saint Maximin Great game here against @CuteBrownBear , really enjoyed the two matches and 3 points a piece fair. Well played mate.
  6. koko

    Koko - Arsenal vs PANDA - Zenit St. Petersberg

    Arsenal 3 - 4 Zenit Saint maximin × 3 Didn't get the other scorers @PANDA , accepted Corkys invitation too soon. Great game though, end to end. Should have been a draw but you took your chances better. Well played man.
  7. koko

    Superf1y Mk2 - River Plate vs Koko - Arsenal

    Stats agreed. Tight game man. Well played.
  8. koko

    Two top players. One can go.

    Cash really mate.
  9. E. MOR A dribblers dream, Emre Mor. Always smiling as he beats his man yet again, can finish as well as score coming in from either wing. N. REDMOND Absolute beast, can play either side and actually goes up to 78 on the right. Pace and power here, and bangs in goals regularly. One can go.
  10. On for league games in next hour lads if people are about. 

    @Corkdogg @CuteBrownBear @ajuhlin @PANDA @Superf1y Mk2 @Ashe5 @Tyrone2Tuff


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Corkdogg


      I'm coming on I'm 10 mins 

    3. koko


      I'll be on in 10.

    4. ajuhlin


      I think we played our game last week mate☺️

  11. koko

    Koko - Arsenal vs Cutebrownbear - Vasco De Gama

    In the next hour mate. Just on my way home now.
  12. Hold tight @GBR CRY, we can do a deal bud. I hadn't forgotten, just been sick man.
  13. koko

    Koko - Arsenal vs Cutebrownbear - Vasco De Gama

    On tonight mate.
  14. koko

    Corkdogg - Celtic vs Koko - Arsenal

    Sorry man, been bed ridden last few days. Be on all day and night tomorrow.
  15. koko

    T. Carroll

    Still available for 15m