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  1. @Don Raphael 007 WHU 1 vs SPL1 @Hammybiggs good game @Hammybiggs you had me on the ropes in that second half , im happy with the draw after that half from hell well played @Damok21 Scorers: Calvert Lewin Diouf Man Of The Match: Diof
  2. im not even gonna say anymore ... spot on bro ! great game ...cant wait for rematch ...u seem to be the draw master at the minute lol good luck with your other fixtures .. COYI
  3. @Don Raphael 007 WHU 2 V 0 MPR SCORER - ANTONIO MOTM - ANTONIO CLEAN SHEET - RICO Great game @Cyhyraeth74 very tight could have gone either way @Damok21
  4. gg bro as always niang , lanzini where my scorers @Damok21 @czysty
  5. Im on tonight if u are about , little late but im on bro
  6. Yo abba what time we playing tonight bruv?

    1. Abbafather


      Not be long m8 

    2. Don Raphael 007

      Don Raphael 007

      Ok well just message me on here and PSN when your ready I should get it on my phone ...:up:

    3. Don Raphael 007
  7. Metal congrats on winning the other night ...in the  CL cup I can't find the thread to agree the score , and ain't been on for a bit ....

    PS did u get any cash money for your endeavours kind sir ??




    1. Metalprawn666


      Lol no worries dude, nah diddly squat 

    2. Don Raphael 007

      Don Raphael 007

      Dammm well at least it was fun @OZMAZSTER @PANDA

  8. Don't make me beg bro ....lol you got big money man let a broke ass bruva get himself a Cheap  bargin ,...please. Cancel you bid with panda

  9. Yo cloughy when can we sort out our fixtures I'm sure we have never played but u put in your thread that we drew 1- 1 I don't remember this dude ?? 


    1. Cloughy


      Nah we haven't played mate :D

      I took over bibbys team, he'd played twice and those results have stood, 1 of them was a 1-1 draw with you

      I can't find that thread now but don't think our return fixture is posted yet as it's one of the last games. Going to be on a few nights this week though, prob between around 7-9 so can catch you for a game or 2 if you're about 

    2. Don Raphael 007

      Don Raphael 007

      Oh ok fair play bro that makes perfect sense man, 

      Kool will look out for u later on in the evening bruva 


  10. Enjoy last night guys gave him a good arse whooping :box:

  11. PS I'm trying to put a deal together but I need that 2 mil payout retweet money to make up the full amount..Can I write up the deal with the 2mill retweet money in mind seeing as we will definitely be getting the money .

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