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  1. Just bid lots of money for a player I can't stand in real life lol #PESlife 

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    2. lizard100310


      Things we do for the club's we surport lol

    3. mowgli77


      Did he lose stats and ratings due to chopping off his afro? Samson Fellaini? He was an 80 not long ago. Are you going to bring him on for the last 15 mins in every game that you’re losing like Jose? 😀

    4. Metalprawn666
  2. For Fahook sake, any chance the midfield could support the attack and the defence defend? 

  3. Who is gonna be about tonight on PSN? Around 11ish. Looking to give M.Gomez a good run out. @mowgli77  sure your gonna be on 

  4. Think it's time the @The Vulture flogged some of his players 

    1. The Vulture

      The Vulture

      :gun3: Glad to see we think alike young apprentice 

  5. Managed to complete the challenge but still waiting for my 50mill from @The Poacher 

  6. Germany's most promising midfielder for 60mill. Thank you very much :up:

  7. Halfway point and baby prawn #3 is looking good :clap1:





      Congrats bud. 👏🏽🏼

  8. Just seen the new trailer for Red Dead 2, holy Fahook balls it looks special. Simply games bring me this nice and early please. 

  9. Those auctions sure have taken a load of money out the league 

    1. Cloughy


      Can see some mad prices Friday in the auctions too

      Last real chance to dump cash before the caps in on Monday 

    2. Metalprawn666


      Very true, don't effect me

    3. Cloughy


      Nah nor me mate. Sorted that a few days ago.

  10. Can't believe the amount of folks that haven't actually looked to make sure their pick isn't already in the league. It's not rocket science guys 

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    2. Gregmeister


      It is baffling prawny

    3. koko


      I was laughing when I saw @Tyrone2Tuff put Bernardo in. I told him the other night when we were playing that he was my player FFS. 😂

    4. Tyrone2Tuff


      It’s wasn’t me, Ash bought the pick off me the Doughnut 🍩 

  11. Graveyard 7am shift at work, time to catch up on some Ray Donovan I think, got Fahook all else to do. 

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    2. Abbafather


      aye @Metalprawn666 love it mate put it up there with breaking bad

    3. lizard100310


      Sons is class Mayans started Tuesday first episode was class

    4. Abbafather


      Aye m8 gonna start watching it when I'm done 

  12. Need this transfer market to open, it's gonna go nuts in those 1st few days 

    1. Cloughy


      I'm gonna estimate at the very earliest, 3 days after pesdb has opened. That's what we are using for the player database. 

      Supposed to be online this weekend, if not I have a plan B.

  13. Off to the land of Brum

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    2. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      You had all your jabs?

    3. Metalprawn666


      Gonna rely on @Gregmeister to keep me away from the infected zones 

    4. Gregmeister


      You are playing football on the edge of Aston, just don't venture in.....

  14. Couple of hours to go and then home to Pes 

    1. alizawi


      You around for long?

    2. Metalprawn666


      Should be for a few hours, just got in so will be on shortly 

  15. Today is a good post day


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