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  1. GBR CRY

    Speeding Bullet RMF

    Fancy an upgrade.?
  2. GBR CRY

    Serious CF

    Required good finish fast and strong on the 40m - 60m if he has the right abilities Also interested in a bench CF or Ss For 25m
  3. GBR CRY

    Serious CB

    Required big fast and lanky ... 40m if he has the right abilities Also interested in a bench CB For 15m
  4. GBR CRY

    DJTrixta - Marseille vs GBR CRY - Jaguares de Córdoba

    Omg true say it bday see ya at our place.... for the slaughter enjoy top spot bud happy birthday. Stats agreed @Superf1y Mk2
  5. GBR CRY

    Carded AMF (Classic No. 10)

    What you after
  6. GBR CRY

    who wants some money

    Ok I'll wait till my teams update by P2E so I know wa gwaan save some cash 4 me
  7. GBR CRY

    who wants some money

    Have a look at my crew
  8. GBR CRY

    jaguars beast release

    @Superf1y Mk2
  9. GBR CRY

    Monster CF (Target Man)

    Ok cool I'll come back when I raise more cash
  10. GBR CRY

    CB Bin

    Ok dont think i can lose 1 of them
  11. GBR CRY

    CB Bin

    Badji 74 dmf
  12. GBR CRY

    CB Bin

    Do you want same position CB or would you take a dmf
  13. GBR CRY

    Beast LB

    How much cash
  14. GBR CRY

    CB Bin

    Fancy upgrade plus cash
  15. GBR CRY

    78 Young DMF 79 at CB