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Everything posted by GBR CRY

  1. Do I have enough cash
  2. Fix! i don't agree @djtrixta lol 😂 @Superf1y Mk2
  3. Stats agreed well done JJ4C @jj4c you have improved padawan @Superf1y Mk2
  4. Hold on am I invited to this party
  5. Did pjm take him @Don Raphael 007
  6. No worries soldier these things happen at P2E
  7. I am in the same boat as you buddy fancy a change but trying to keep my stars ✨ what position are you trying to fill
  8. Trade for Emerson might be able to add cash
  9. Write it up if you don't wanna trade
  10. How about rod then ....? He can come home @Hammybiggs and u can keep ya Red Devil or you could take luiz as I have denayer now
  11. I have a Colombian Banker what you after any chance of a trade plus cash you could say I owe u 1
  12. Cash for Jesse or Rodriguez
  13. Yo I'd take him if he was 80 what a waste
  14. If you breed your dogs let me have a Bitch g @Ashe5
  15. Dont hate ashtray sometimes u win sometime i win cant wait til we meet again @Ashe5
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