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  1. I might be interested, you got a ball park figure in mind
  2. Don't be a shick your whole life...
  3. Want to get rid of balta, 69 rated, don't want cash for him just want him out me squad, can we do this please??
  4. Lovely mate will accept at midnight
  5. Trying to lose the 81 mate
  6. I can give you a top keeper in cillesen, swap for cardinale and ten mil and he is yours
  7. Lovely hurling, write it up and I shall accept
  8. Okay then 85 mil, you can buy a mystery star player and be done
  9. Guys let's not forget how hard it is to keep a league like this running, the more tweaks you guys want the harder it is for staff to try keep people happy, they have enough on their plate let's not take for granted the amount of work that has already gone in, the way things are now is fine, like corky said he doesn't mind and his team is made up of low rated players, overall rating counts for nothing in this game I have 76 rated left back j.bryan and I have still yet to find a better lb in the league regardless of overall rating, it ls all down to the individual, maybe it's more of a mental thing when some people see higher rated players than theirs they panic, there is no one player in the league that I would say is miles better than the rest, and I have seen 80 rated players play Brad pitt and 72 rated players play amazing, so it's really down to the individual, I am happy to give my over 80's to people who think they need them, I myself don't care so to me it's more fun finding low rated players that I try to get the most out of, rather than players who are meant to score for you all the time but don't because you are trying to do too much with them
  10. My thoughts is you guys have done a Sterling job, keep up the good work, no need for change but I do like the home grown rule I wouldn't mind having to start a Irishman or two for the fun of it
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