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  1. Skobi

    Best gk in p2e

    Best goaly in p2e is mandanda
  2. Skobi

    Who's selling?

    Don't do it panda, mystery players never turn out to be the position you want
  3. Skobi

    Alexdelpiedo - Napoli vs Skobi - Boyaca Chico

    Napoli 2 - 3 boyaca Chico Mom: Nene Scorers: jadson, Nene x2, chalov Gg man well played
  4. Skobi

    Skobi - Boyaca Chico vs Alexdelpiedo - Napoli

    Boyaca Chico 0 - 1 Napoli Scorer: Barak Mom: Barak Gg mate well played
  5. Skobi

    Alexdelpiedo - Napoli vs Skobi - Boyaca Chico

    I am off Saturday, or I will be finished work at one a.m. Tonight if you are still up
  6. Skobi

    2nd Chance Sweepstake

    11 - 15 mins for me please
  7. Skobi

    Alexdelpiedo - Napoli vs Skobi - Boyaca Chico

    No hassle man hope all is well be safe my brother
  8. Skobi

    Alexdelpiedo - Napoli vs Skobi - Boyaca Chico

    @AlexDelPiedo available weeknights after 1am gmt, off Wednesday and Saturday this week, message me let me know when we can do this
  9. Skobi

    Jaguares Transfer List

    Wouldn't mind a bit of lb action, see any trades and I have cash too
  10. Skobi

    Alan 79 rated cf boss man

    What I was looking for @NicShoneeBoy , shall I write it up??
  11. http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=1073800453 brazilian madman playing for the Chinese superstars Guangzhou evergrande, great stats great player, but saw that a few of you need a cf, so I a man throwing him up so other people can enjoy the majesty cash trades whatever whatever
  12. Skobi

    Best keeper in P2E

    Mandanda finds this statement amusing and outlandish
  13. Skobi

    Wolves availables

    Write it up now if you like mate
  14. Skobi

    Wolves availables

    Once this money comes in I will take snoddy for 18 mil