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  1. Skobi

    Team Strengths

    i do like the sounds of this :0
  2. Skobi

    Team Strengths

    Would you stop yer nonsense, three seasons ago I had a full eleven Irishmen in my squad, repping big shtyle
  3. Skobi

    Team Strengths

    There are certain players that are just too good in this league, and pushing overall cap up every year to suit the updates is the reason why, but you have to understand it's a lot of work to reset on the admin side and their job is tough enough as it is, I reckon we should just let them do their thing and we just thank them for being awesome instead 😁❤️
  4. Skobi

    Team Strengths

    That isn't a bad idea, maybe we should introduce a home grown rule too, like you have to have two or three players from the country you live in, making all teams rep their home country would be sweet.
  5. Skobi

    Team Strengths

    The age old debate of reset or not reset, tis a fickled bitch. On the one hand new is always better, but people have spent a lot of time putting together teams. I reckon a culling of higher players is in order but a full on reset would prob be a no in my eyes.
  6. Skobi

    Potent CB - going to EPL in the Summer?

    Thanks g wish I could take him but I have two 81 already
  7. Skobi

    80s baby!

    I. Will take the goalie for 30 mil if he is still available
  8. Skobi

    Vasco Transfers

    You got a price on bad boy Badu??
  9. Skobi

    The vulture's squad (80+ Offload centre

    Take James milner off me boys 81 rated cm
  10. Skobi

    Liverpool fans look here

    Have an 80 CF already mate sorry
  11. Skobi

    Liverpool fans look here

    What rating is he??
  12. Skobi

    Liverpool fans look here

    Step into my office
  13. Skobi

    Liverpool fans look here

    That's a bold statement haha, he will leave for the right price make an offer so I can refuse it and go higher
  14. Milner 81 rated cm Sturbridge 79 CF Anyone want to own a piece of anfield history?? Or Daniel Sturbridge?? Then step right up and bag yourself a proper bit of talent, or sturridge whichever you fancy Cash trades you know the drill
  15. Skobi

    Somebodies lucky day

    Gonna put this on hold for now because wages was put on hold