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  1. Thursday or Friday evening suits me best @lizard100310
  2. Thursday and Friday evening suits me best @nikola
  3. Tonight right after Poland Israel game
  4. Saturday or Sunday... Night shift atm
  5. PSN me tomorrow I should be on about 8 pm
  6. Shakhtar vs Feyenoord 2:3 Rony Lopes, A. Mierzejewski Neres x2, Rog Motm Neres Well played GG m8 @Jungle_Team FYI @Damok21
  7. @nikola You are not on my friends list WTF 🤔 🤔 🤔 psn me ASAP PSN id : czysty I'm on about 8-9 pm daily during the weekend
  8. Should be on about 8-9 every day during the weekend starting from tonight PSN me
  9. FFS Martial happen for the end haha well played @Damok21
  10. I'm on night shift right now i will be available Thursday evening
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