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  1. PJM

    24 YO, 190cm, B2B CMF - BARAK

    And cash?
  2. PJM

    Striker needed

    Lol at this ozwaffle give ya 28mil for serdar by that logic.
  3. PJM

    Friendly GOTM Entries January

    wee R3 1st touch was nice to get away
  4. PJM

    24 YO, 190cm, B2B CMF - BARAK

    Young A. ĆORIĆ interest ya?
  5. PJM

    Striker needed

    just went for a mystery box mate, cheers.
  6. PJM

    Striker needed

    no you didnt 96mil for him and serdar lol im watching you
  7. PJM

    Striker needed

    thread closed
  8. PJM

    Striker needed

    nah yer allright pal. give you 50mil for him.
  9. PJM

    Striker needed

    who ya got @OZMAZSTER
  10. PJM

    Striker needed

    After a striker, cf or forward whatever you wanna call it. Got 77mil to spend list em up!
  11. PJM


    Y.AIT BENNASSER young Monaco wizard and cash?
  12. PJM

    Patrick - Beast CM

    No m8 oscar stays.
  13. PJM

    25m for a LB

    Look no further G. SHCHENNIKOV
  14. PJM

    Patrick - Beast CM

    Y.AIT BENNASSER Arsenal bound Monaco lad. Any interest?
  15. PJM

    Ruddy Captain GK

    Wow the bald eagle has no attention