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  1. PJM

    Who's got what???

  2. PJM

    Quality young AMF

    Can swap with a rwf J.URRETAVISCAYA
  3. PJM

    74 mil for a new player

    J.URRETAVISCAYA 25mil bargain.
  4. PJM

    up to 41m for a SS

    Still got J.URRETAVISCAYA 75 at ss 25mil go on.
  5. PJM

    David Luiz hands in transfer request.

    Mmm diop for big davie Lewis
  6. PJM

    PANDA - Zenit St. Petersberg vs PJM - Rangers

    Gg game m8 just getting you used to the beatings for going back to the muvvaland.
  7. PJM

    41m for a RWF

    Meet in the middle 30mil
  8. PJM

    41m for a RWF

  9. PJM

    Black Friday Sales!!

    J.URRETAVISCAYA For di santo
  10. PJM

    Baby Pond Payouts 16/11/18

    Go on then if you must.
  11. Whats your offer? The more im looking at trying to do this the harder its becoming deals being offered are not up to scratch tbh.
  12. Sold him to greg for a cut price deal, also would need a like for like Rincons a Dmf Gueye is a Cmf so no ta bud.
  13. No thanks bud, tried your dude before and hes ok but no way could i replace gueye for him.