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  1. Where are @Corkdogg 

    Battered yer smelly mob today men against wee Brad pittebags.


    1. Corkdogg


      Seen the team we started new it would happen fair play still top thou with a game in hand that's what we needed a Fahooking wake up call @PJM 

    1. Corkdogg


      @PJM seen that earlier mate looks good took Thier Fahooking time thou 

  2. Wheres @Corkdogg



    1. Corkdogg


      Want a wee wager @PJM that wee win league on other note we where so Barry White today still think we will the league comfortably 

    2. PJM
  3. what time do you want to play our last league game mate? im on pes from about 5pm to 10pm

  4. PANDA

    Hahaha you wanker pablo

    1. PJM


      Sorry m8 seen you going balls deep for that other no mark then seen ya put 45mil on scarpa and hovering in the thread, couldnt resist it. :up:

  5. How much for the sex pest I'm sure it's not Man City Robinho tho but if it is how many

    1. PJM


      Fahook know's mate paid a helluva lot for the rapey wee Fahooker 60mil I think. 

  6. Poachers BIN prices to sell ffs expensive is not the word. A 74 rated rwf and cf for 40mil. Have a lie the fook down. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Gregmeister


      but when the market was dry the bin kept people interested 

    3. PANDA


      Well I reckon it will keep getting tweeked until works so let's just see ladies

    4. PJM


      When it was dry the prices were reasonable. Quite ridiculous at the minute old chap.

      Panda puff indeed we shall petal.

  7. Is there any price you would consider selling Morata for? 

    I was thinking of Gabbadini + some cash?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dr.Gonzo


      He needs a 83 rated slaaaag up top to even have a chance of scoring a goal this season because his shiiiiiittttteeeee

    3. PJM


      Feel like going to buy a ps4 just to shut your mick dundee mouth up.


    4. Thorpski


      Fair enough.. l thought that might be the case!

  8. Cheech, did Rangers just lose to part-timers?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more


      Lmfao wtf 

    3. Dr.Gonzo


      Don't even think I can give you Brad pitt for that one. Unlucky mate.

    4. PJM


      Gutted mate. Spineless gutless Country & Westerns Fahooking need their wee baws blootered. 

  9. @GBR CRY what's happening with

    A. Gray

    1. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      Staying put in brazil

  10. 17mil pucheon

  11. LEMAR for SALE, cash only  :party:

  12. Go Trump, hes struck a blow for gingers all over the world.

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