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Everything posted by PJM

  1. not sure @ThaLoveShak dont really need defenders
  2. I'm listening who ya thinking
  3. Its a no bud. @mowgli77
  4. Not used to the ball physics especially from distance.
  5. sorry mate that rising shot is a passion killer
  6. will give him a run out m8
  7. Looking for a stellar swap for D. ZAPATA Looking for a cf trade
  8. @Best2005 @Corkdogg @Superf1y Mk2
  9. On 2 nite if u can manage it m8
  10. On 2 nite if u can manage it m8
  11. Rfc 3 - 1 Cfc Araujo Morels Zapata Patel Mom Zapata Gg m8 wp
  12. On 2 nite if u can manage it m8
  13. On 2 nite if u can manage it m8
  14. you know what m8 I will write it up for the 27mil cheers, a wee prezzie since I've had you hanging.
  15. I will take him mate need to shift one first. Bear wit me
  16. M8 tried yer boy last night not for me
  17. 15mil first come first served G. SHCHENNIKOV https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/georgi-schennikov/profil/spieler/70097
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