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  1. I am happy to sign up to a casual Xbox league.... l am away for most of July so not being totally committed to all the fixtures suits me....
  2. @Sar9enator Sorry for being so slow at replying but I have been driving all weekend... if you still want to sell post it up if it is too late no worries .....
  3. £60m I Sarr...... @ajuhlin
  4. Yes @CuteBrownBear Cheers
  5. Sorry that should say Lerma ! £55m.... auto correct kicked in
  6. Silky Suarez available for the right price.... Rolls Royce midfielder with loads of cards... http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=101065 Make an offer...
  7. Will do £25m for Araujo....
  8. Cool will do it tomorrow...
  9. Helda Costa available.... This guy is rapid as a quick thing and has just had an upgrade in last update.... l am only selling as he switched from a LWF to RWF and l am overloaded with RWF.... the first person to offer me £35m can have him! http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=107345 90 explosive power and 87 speed ..... this boy can shift!
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