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  1. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR3VbxruNQg7wx8FWQEl-Z

    Your bum manager was tactically outclassed by this man! Don of nothing! DOMINATED!

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    2. Seamie


      Two more years :clap1::bananaman::partytimes::claps::happy1:

    3. Dr.Gonzo


      The whole joke is that Conte was tactically outclassed by Wenger.

      But a even bigger joke is that after finishing 6th and winning the Europa Cup, Man u fans think there club is awesome again. 

    4. PANDA


      Never stopped mate

  2. CHAMPIONS. Don Conte style. loved getting ripped at the start for changing my xbox tag, and now you see why. thanks for playing #dropthemic

    1. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      Congratulations Zola :up:

    2. Dr.Gonzo



  3. Tottenumb hhaahhaahhaahhaa

    1. Seamie


      Just need Chelsea to do the business now! 

  4. Bold prediction. Tottenham will do the double. Game starts in 1 minute. 

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    2. koko


      Can't wait to smash up them rent boys in the final.

      Plus..Tottenham are absolute bottlers. Never gets said much in the media though for some reason.:shifty: How long since they've won anything of note now? 

    3. Don Conte

      Don Conte

      So if Chelsea win, how will you cope? 

    4. koko


      Just fine, fancy us at Wembley. Especially of it's Arsene's last game.

  5. Inter Squad looking to be refreshed by manager Conte.

  6. @The Vulture I sent you a PM two weeks ago, but its not been read... sent a follow up a few days ago. Wanna buy Batshuiyi from you. Can you sort me out? 

    1. PANDA


      What about the dick pic I asked you for about 3 month ago?


    1. Dr.Gonzo


      Conte tactically spot on again. Got a great manager on your hands.

    2. Don Conte

      Don Conte

      Like any manager, he is subject to his players. Like any players, subject to manager tactics. That's why the two need to work in unison. 

  8. I will miss Immobile, but a new toy in Boateng to play with... always wanted that lad even though he's a nut job.

    1. prastidudka


      He's Barry White mate :P

    2. Don Conte

      Don Conte

      not as much as you :-p

    3. prastidudka


      Well i'm not in the game yet

  9. Don Conte is on PSN now... come and play me in league games

  10. 0

    1. Don Conte

      Don Conte

      Joint record. Even united under fergie didn't manage that ;) 

  11. 9 in a row... KTBFFH

  12. Chelsea 8 wins in a row since losing to the arse, and beating city & tottenham whilst conceding 2 goals and one was an OG. If carlsberg made scripts...

    1. PANDA


      Top performance by rent boys finished sublimely with fabregas getting choke slammed over an ad board :claps:

    2. koko


      Wish Fernandinho had proper choke-slammed hin though.

      Still a horrible club full of rent boys and nonces.

  13. love that you can now see the top 20 for PP, well done lads

  14. i should be around... just about to cook and then ill be over... love the game

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