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  1. mowgli77

    The Vultures Bin

    Vultures offer is £8m @ThaLoveShak
  2. mowgli77

    Anybody want to sell any talent?

    Canas £65m
  3. mowgli77

    Mowgli77 - Villarreal vs Guavs - PSG

    On most evenings around 9pm, just let me know what days you are available and we can get this played and out of the way. 😀 @Guavs
  4. mowgli77

    Mowgli77 - Villarreal vs Nicshoneeboy - Lazio

    I’ll be on every night next week, usually from around 9pm. Let’s get this done and out of the way so we can do some friendlies or Fortnite. 👍🏻 @NicShoneeBoy
  5. mowgli77

    Azmoun, The script is real.

    Any friendlies with Greg will be on the condition that Azmoun is banned. 3 x that phone celebration and the PS4 is out the window.
  6. mowgli77

    Azmoun, The script is real.

    Has he gone at last? Thank fahook for that. 😀
  7. It’s nearly 9.30pm,  that must mean the snipers are warming up. 😜

  8. mowgli77

    The Vultures Bin

    £6m vultures offer @Metalprawn666 £12m vultures offer @PJM £5m vultures offer @GBR CRY
  9. Best draft pick of 2018 plus £25m for I. Gueye http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=321508 He’s from Chile and you won’t find stats like that on another 75 rated player.
  10. mowgli77

    2nd Chance Sweepstake

    66-70 please
  11. mowgli77

    The Vultures Bin

    £25m is the vultures offer @NicShoneeBoy or @WICKID will give you the same amount.
  12. mowgli77

    Friendly GOTM Entries November

    First one by Havertz is a chipped through ball mate, they don’t count. You and your fahooking Mowgli goals. 😀
  13. mowgli77

    Swedish cmf

    Ball park figure?
  14. mowgli77

    Wonder kid or player wanted

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=321508 Not actually looking to sell but you’re a rich man and I have many players that play AMF or can play AMF. If you like the look of the young speed whore try him out and bring your Neymar money.