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  1. http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=38845 Flat track bully
  2. Need mine posting in here so I can write it up. Cheers. @Zoo-Keepers
  3. 2 sold, others still available
  4. @Cyhyraeth74 might be selling 79 rated Joe Hart.
  5. Godoy £25m + offers Manoel £25m + offers Marcos Llorente £35m + offers, young Real Madrid DMF Petros £30m (SOLD) Oztekin £30m + offers Vieirinha £25m + offers Kalinic £40m + if Skobi isn’t buying him (SOLD) Open to trades/cash/offers
  6. Can I have a price on Gamberini please http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=5490 @Zoo-Keepers
  7. Let me get rid of one and I’ll take him. How much?
  8. I’ll take him if this deal with PJM goes through. Need to offload one or two.
  9. Extra £25m? I had Havertz and Lasagna worth about £180m with Zapata and Luckassen worth about £160m Raphinha is worth about £45m? I paid about £93m for Lasagna and he’s worth it, Havertz is top class and always in form, try before you buy and you’ll see his value. I know Zapata went for a lot before. Not sure about Luckassen. I’m open to negotiations if you think we are miles apart. Bear in mind you were going to add £13m to get that deal done. Im not greedy, just want a fair deal. 👍🏻
  10. Write it up mate, thanks a lot.
  11. I’m interested in the other double deal but if you want to add Raphinha and I’ll add cash.
  12. I’ve got 5hrs to buy another player for the transfer challenge. I’ve spent the £25m already so anyone will do. @PJM deal waiting if you want to trade. Will write it up as separate deals etc. Anyone selling?
  13. Or straight cash if you’re not interested in other deal
  14. Triple deal? Lasagna/Havertz/Cash Zapata/Luckassen/Raphinha ?
  15. Havertz AMF 80 rating Leaving: @mowgli77 Villarreal Joining: @djtrixta Marseille Fee: £90m He’s yours for £90m and worth every penny. Future world star, scores every week.
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