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  1. Only CMF or AMF for Savic? Sabitzer and cash?
  2. Villarreal 1-2 Shakhtar Goals: Dimata, Tiquinho, Abdulrahman MOM: Tiquinho Weird match, I had 5 red arrows, think Czysty had something similar. Couldn’t get going at all. @czysty @Damok21
  3. Will be on tonight at about half 9 and probably tomorrow similar time
  4. Villarreal 2-3 Man Utd Goals: Dimata x 2 Goals: T Ekambi, A Diaby, A Martial (pen) Red Card: Nastasic All set for 2-2 draw and keeper slid out and cleared but it gave pen against my CB. Good game though, close throughout. @Damok21
  5. @Beastermc let me know when suits and I can jump on or I’ll be on most evenings around 9pm
  6. Round 2. Bang bang. Woof Woof. When are you on next? @czysty
  7. @nikola when’s good for you? I’m on most evenings and can make most days after 9pm.
  8. Villarreal 2-2 @Jungle_Team Goals: Oztekin x 2, Harit x 2 MOM: Harit
  9. On now, on tomorrow but probably from about 10pm abc then on most evenings this week. @Jungle_Team
  10. Yes, I’ll be on tonight if you’re around @Damok21 and we can get this done.
  11. Shakhtar 1-2 Villarreal Goals: Tiquinho Goals: Oztekin, Benteke MOM: Benteke Tough game, late winner and draw was probably fairer result @czysty @Damok21
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