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  1. mowgli77

    The Vultures Bin

    The vulture offer is £8m Write it up if you agree with the deal @jj4c
  2. Surely editing posts in auctions is not allowed? Seen it twice tonight. 

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    2. djtrixta


      Yeah, the first one was to say that i wanted to retract my bid, then i got told to remove it so the second was to remove the retraction. hence the two edits. Won't happen again mate. :up:

    3. mowgli77


      No mate, I meant 2 different people edited their bids. One was the final winning bid. There’s the obvious possibility that in future someone could edit their bid to make it a winning one. @djtrixta 👍🏻

    4. djtrixta


      Yeah it's being mentioned and anyone found doing so anymore times will be severely punished. :72:

  3. http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=46037 He’s worth a hundred million He’s a little Brazilian He plays for the scousers in blue He covers more positions than your wife and sister too 89 rating for explosive power Add him to your team in the next couple of hours He’s got balance, he’s got pace He’ll dribble round you, take a touch and laugh in your face Get yourself a dynamo dwarf, he’s Everton’s answer to Messi. He also plays RWF, RMF, LMF and AMF. (Excellent at AMF, 79 rating) Looking for cash, lots of it.
  4. mowgli77

    Pocket Rocket LWF 80 rated

    That will buy his left leg
  5. mowgli77

    Get Some Cash !!!

    Bernard LWF 80, just posted a thread
  6. mowgli77

    Community Night availability PS4

    Sunday is good for me. Possibly tomorrow too.
  7. mowgli77

    Community Night availability PS4

    Impossible for people to give a general night, availability is voted on for each community night as availability changes regularly for everyone. If Lizard is setting one up stick 3 dates up for us to vote on and we’ll get one arranged. 👍🏻
  8. mowgli77

    Monster CF (Target Man)

    @ThaLoveShak ideal for your team mate. Check out those stats in certain areas, a beast of a target man. Him and Zapata would beast the defences in the X box league.
  9. mowgli77

    Czysty - Shaktar Donetsk vs Mowgli77 - Villarreal

    Result agreed Should feel hard done by for conceding an OG but you were 1v1 twice and should’ve scored. Fair result in that sense. Kalinic and Benteke roughing up defenders again, beasts. Enjoyed the friendlies after too. Well played.
  10. mowgli77

    Idrissa Gueye 80 CMF

    You looking for any specific positions? Could possibly trade Bernard as I’d need to lose an 80.
  11. mowgli77

    Any Oldies out there ?

    What you looking for? Check out Vieirinha in my team. Might let him go.
  12. mowgli77

    Cyhyraeth74 - Montpellier vs Mowgli77 - Villarreal

    Result agreed Cracking game I altered the tactics and didn’t alter them back, you were getting past my defence way too easily. I went with 3 up top and it left me with no midfield. Huge gap between defence and attack but didn’t have the players fit to play there. End to end game and 7 goals. Well played Cy.
  13. mowgli77

    Mowgli77 - Villarreal vs HammyBiggs - Palmeiras

    He’s locked in the cellar until the league games are done. 🔐
  14. mowgli77

    Cyhyraeth74 - Montpellier vs Mowgli77 - Villarreal

    A replay of the 2018 Europa League Final. On most evenings, let me know ideal day/time and we’ll get it done. @Cyhyraeth74
  15. mowgli77

    Mowgli77 - Villarreal vs HammyBiggs - Palmeiras

    Get your ass off PUBG and let me know when suits you sir. I’m sure we’ll both be on over weekend, no concerns over getting this played. @Hammybiggs
  16. mowgli77

    Czysty - Shaktar Donetsk vs Mowgli77 - Villarreal

    Just what you requested sir. Me and you first fixture. Think you’re on nights now so just let me know when you’re free and we’ll get it done. @czysty
  17. mowgli77

    Mowgli77 - Villarreal vs Vacant - Inter Milan

    I’m so pretty, oh so pretty, pretty VACANT. 😀
  18. mowgli77

    J. Campbell

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=57402 RMF rather than RWF but is also 78 rated at AMF and can play RB and LB. (I’m not using RB/LB) Can also play LMF too. His middle name is Waffly Versatile. (Retro reference for the oldies) 😳
  19. mowgli77

    Aleksandar Prijovic

    Dzyuba has just gone for the same amount.
  20. mowgli77

    Aleksandar Prijovic

  21. mowgli77

    Your team / formation season eight

    Bench: Sorrentino GK Fathy RB Godoy CB Ortiz CB Trossard LMF Oztekin LMF Bassogog RMF Zeca CMF Canas AMF Mensah AMF De Jong AMF Moukandjo CF
  22. mowgli77

    Cash for a LMF Upgrade

    Lets do it? Do I need to write it up? Can’t remember.
  23. mowgli77

    Cash for a LMF Upgrade

    Not sure what you value Trossard at? Sulejmani is a free kick specialist and anything around 25 yds he’s bending in the top corner. What’s your suggestion? Was not desperate to sell but your fella is quicker. I did the compare thing and think my fella is £10-£15m better, despite being older.
  24. mowgli77

    K.Lasagna lasagna CF

    He’s my boy, look what I paid for him. £91m I believe. He’s rapid.
  25. mowgli77

    Cash for a LMF Upgrade