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  1. Anyone on Xbox for a kick about before the community event is under way.

  2. Last time I ever watch boxing unless it's AJ. 

    Corrupted Brad pitteee don't see how they can get away with it.

    We all know who won (GGG)

  3. Liverpool fans eyes peeled should be making some big signings in the next couple days. Keita, Lemar, Van dijk, Chamberlain. Good luck to Coutinho. 

  4. Great game today :claps:Arsenal were terrible even Sanchez was laughing at em lol :happy1:

    1. Sar9enator


      feyenoord top of the table again after 3 matches 

  5. BPL so close I can smell the freshly cut grass. Coutinho's so close to leaving. Why pip whyyyyyyyy.

  6. PES anyone up for a early kick about ???

  7. Community night tomorrow BOIII.  

    Cant wait, it's been a while since I partook. 

  8. The Live Draw is Gonna Be Fahooking Quality!!

  9. Community Night tonight lads.

    wooooop woooooop


  10. Auctions are looking tastyyyy :ph34r:

  11. I've only just gone balls deep en I. 

  12. Megaaaa deallllllllllll

  13. Who's up for our P2E league fixture?

  14. Who's up for a game of Pes?

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