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  1. lucashc2608

    Right back REQUIRED

    hey mate! http://pesdb.net/pes2017/?id=41023
  2. lucashc2608

    Manolo Gabbiadini

  3. lucashc2608

    Manolo Gabbiadini

  4. lucashc2608

    "The world at his feet..."

    how much?
  5. lucashc2608

    20M to spend on Fast and dribller players!

    i have interest in E. Valencia!
  6. lucashc2608

    Anyone selling anything

    write it up for 15m bro! deal made for me!
  7. lucashc2608

    Anyone selling anything

    near 18M we can have a deal!
  8. lucashc2608

    need forwards CF, ST, LWF and RWF

    faster than him!
  9. lucashc2608

    Anyone selling anything

    P. DIOP
  10. prefference for fast players and dribllers! say the names bro´s!
  11. lucashc2608

    DIOP and BENTALEB for sale

    too little on then bro... 45m i could sell to you both!
  12. lucashc2608

    DIOP and BENTALEB for sale

  13. lucashc2608

    King Zaza

  14. lucashc2608

    In need of a fast or strong CF

    how much? how much?