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  1. NicShoneeBoy

    One on one master

    Just waiting on a possible deal, at this moment I'm out
  2. NicShoneeBoy

    One on one master

  3. NicShoneeBoy

    Any no frills, Cb. Rb. Lb.

    Like you'd buy a player from me lol
  4. NicShoneeBoy

    Any no frills, Cb. Rb. Lb.

    Got a few in my team
  5. NicShoneeBoy

    Rooney Appreciated Sweepstake

    86 ~90
  6. NicShoneeBoy

    The Milikman

    Need a striker in return shak, got 3x impeccable LWF in rafa, muniain and cheryshev Shame, im a fan of El Sharawi In a better market id do it
  7. NicShoneeBoy

    The Milikman

    THE MILKMAN Look at them stats, just look! Trades or Cash
  8. NicShoneeBoy

    Lfc ballers battle

  9. NicShoneeBoy

    Lfc ballers battle

  10. NicShoneeBoy

    Lfc ballers battle

    Any of my attackers for studge http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?name=Muniain, F. De Jong, milik, N. LÓPEZ, Lascelles, Grealish, Cherys, L. hern, maddison, T. Davies, A. TOURÉ, Holgate, Rafa silva, BOSCAGLI, d. Ings, B. WOODBURN, coric, a. Diawara, rafa silva, Mignolet, d. santon&all=1&featured=0&overall_rating=67-99&sort=pos&order=a
  11. NicShoneeBoy

    Lfc ballers battle

    Sold Alan sorry
  12. NicShoneeBoy

    Lfc ballers battle

    Alan and my cash for studge
  13. NicShoneeBoy

    The Vultures Bin

    Yeah 25m.
  14. NicShoneeBoy

    The Vultures Bin

    Threads been up for a few days, I put him to the Vulture and the cock roaches wanting a cheap deal come out. Jog on lads