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  1. Folks, quick note from your friendly neighbourhood transfer admin. Any deals from the BIN (or any deals at all for that matter) CANNOT be used in League games until the transfer is complete and the player is showing on your sheet.

    Apologies from me and Ultra for the errors you have found so far, we have been a bit snowed under with the volume of deals, but loving the activity keep it up :D

    Please check your team on the P2E Season 7 sheet and let us know if there are any errors in the team issues area 

    Peace out and playtoenjoy...

  2. All the Brad pitt is done, thats me signing out for the day. :beer1:

  3. Transfers smashed this morning by the boy @Ultravires


    1. Ultravires


      157 transfers and 46 trades done already

      im away to sit in a dark room now

  4. For anyone struggling, there's 6 zeros in a million :21:

    1. Abbafather
    2. Cloughy


      I count em me Abba 

      10 million deal

      10 and 6 zeros

      That's how I do the transfer sheets :D


  5. Pssst, the window is nearly open

    Pass it on 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cloughy


      Data pack 2 seems to be the answer...

      So October maybe 

    3. F_O_C_A


      Gimme gimme, I need more squad players. What should we expect when it opens? :D

      Like comparing to the feeding ground so far...

    4. Cloughy


      It's really just a way of completing  the deals you have done so far mate 

      Expect people to make signings they agreed and then get listed again cos they don't fit, things like that. 

  6. Pssssssst

    Divisions have been sneakily announced, pass it on 

    1. Ultravires


      Shhhhhhh it’s a badly kept secret 

  7. Lads, are your players all Brazillian or something?



    I'm hoping to link the sheets to pesdb for more data and you've just gone surnames for am all and not the pesdb name so I'll have to retype them later when I link it so it works :o

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Cloughy


      When I'm doing 1100 players and 64 individual sheets mate it all adds up when formatting isn't spot on 

    3. Ultravires


      lazy bastards the lot of you. 

      not just you @Metalprawn666 think you've been picked on as cloughy was doing PS4 Prem

      I've just done xbox and theres fucking loads of the cunts. 

      just makes it shite when your already entering loads of data and have to go and format somethign thats so simple. 


    4. koko


      I told @Cloughy last night I'm available to help this week if you guys need @Ultravires. Let me know. 

  8. Where you at Bae :(




    Some seem to be confused on the 80s rule so here is as simple a breakdown as I can make it :D


    This is the rule, take it step by step

    81-83 anywhere 


    81-83 in GK or DEF


    2x 80s anywhere 

    At the end you will have 4 players of 80 and above rating. 

  10. Well that was a good night 

  11. bwcCbky.jpg


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cloughy


      I did some scouting for an offensive goalkeeper and found Tim Howard repeatedly swearing at people 

    3. PANDA


      Wait, wait, this is a good one... 

      I'm putting a few spanish lads on trial today. Turns out they RAÚL GUTI... 



    4. Cloughy


      Look if you don't want to play anymore Alex don't spoil my fun.

  12. @OZMAZSTER get your zookeepers on stand by Oz, will have some work for them to start on today I'll be providing a spreadsheet of AWOLs and over 83s submitted so far so that they can start working on payouts ready for the new season :bananaman:



      Cool will start on 83> as ppl can choose to keep or sell their awols next week bud 😉 

      nice one ✌🏼 

    2. Cloughy


      Sent the link to @PANDA to post in the zookeepers section, not sure if you've sorted out who is doing it fromn the thread a few weeks back as I didn't hear anything

  13. Haliliovic a 74 :(



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Corkdogg


      I mite take him bk I'll check him out I've lost a few players gutted 

    3. alizawi


      Lol I checked it a little while ago.. Honestly disappointed

    4. Cloughy


      Plot twist

      He's better than he was last year, was making plenty of people dance last night the scripted little menace 

  14. I just cringed so hard I put my own back out




  15. oh my word @blueyboy_73



    1. blueyboy_73


      😂😂😂gotta earn that extra dollar 

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