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  1. Bit lower than what I'd like tbh mate yeah
  2. Wasn't McArthur the vip auction bluey won before leaving lol @PANDA BTW beater I've been after a CM for about a year and you list him just after I've spent my cash
  3. Looking at possibly letting Skrinar go for a slightly lower rated CB Looking for a 80-82 rated player in return perhaps? If you're interested in a trade apply within... http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=111174
  4. Sorry mate Dizzy Dzyuba isn't available
  5. Yeah do it man nice one
  6. Will give you 45 for Kaiser @alizawi Can find a CB from there
  7. This was requested to be rejected... can someone send me a PM whether this is going through or not? It will put @Elfish Parrot on too many plus 80s outside of defence
  8. Depends on price mate, what you thinking?
  9. Got a nice wedge of cash too Can be first team or back up
  10. Cost me 30 mate 25m to your good self or 10 plus Schennikov
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