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  1. Ultravires

    Apologies to all involved

    Its with a heavy heart that I must hand in my keys. I haven't taken this decision lightly and been mulling it over past few days. But with the impending changes in my life, I feel i can't commit the time i would like to this place. Huge thanks to everyone here, new and old that has come together to make it a great place to play PES and other games. I've had much fun playing games with everyone that I have on here. My game time is limited as it is, and is about to get a lot more limited. Hope everyone cracks on and makes this place great. cheers Ultra
  2. Ultravires

    Gem of a CF/SS/AM

    make me an offer i can't refuse. Prices kill threads man, offer away.
  3. Ultravires

    50 shades of gray

    crack on lads i've been outbid @Damok21 @lizard100310
  4. Ultravires

    50 shades of gray

    Need to wait till im out bid on the auctions lads. Sorry went a bit trigger happy. No harm though. my piddly bids of 10/20m will soon be beaten with ease. Feel free to write the deals up, i just cant pay until later.
  5. Ultravires

    Gem of a CF/SS/AM

    IVI LÓPEZ Cards a plenty. Holds his rating at SS and AM Cash trades etc welcome. Only looking for CF/SS
  6. Ultravires

    50 shades of gray

    sorry mate was offering to Damok. I've only got 47m doubt thats enough for gray
  7. Ultravires

    50 shades of gray

    i'll buy for cash if you want?
  8. Ultravires

    You should Coco

    30m @Hammybiggs
  9. Ultravires

    Malcom in the middle

    Harit @Metalprawn666
  10. Ultravires

    40m for a fullback

    30 is a fair price if your happy
  11. Ultravires

    #9 Maximiliano Gómez

    can you take an 80 @PANDA
  12. Welcome along man. Stick a post in the thread below. http://www.playtoenjoy.com/forums/forum/22-say-hi/
  13. Ultravires

    Ba for sale - CF 79 rated

    @nikola @KENNETH192 @ThaLoveShak lads get a bargain striker here and quality too.
  14. Welcome man. Pop a post in here let people know how you found the site and a bit about yourself. http://www.playtoenjoy.com/forums/forum/22-say-hi/ If you join the PSN community playtoenjoy you can add other members and get friendly games in.