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Ultravires last won the day on October 5 2018

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  1. Up till 4.30am building new squads. Supposed to take mrs ultra for dinner today but sacked it. I’ll sort some spaghetti hoops for her later don’t worry lads I look after my own 

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    2. Colemania


      Good stuff, look forward to getting my team! 

    3. Baddar
    4. koko


      Feel free to add me to any sheet for team making. 

  2. giphy.gif

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    2. Ultravires


      open browser on pc/laptop google playstation store new zealand. (Make sure your not signed in with your own PSN ID) create new account top right. Fill in details, using different e-mail address. Google british embassey or something to get a postcode  for New Zealand. Pop the details in create account, verify e-mail.

      Load up ps4, sign in with main psn, then switch user to newly created NZ psn.

      Store, search for demo download. wait till finished, then switch user to main psn and play.

    3. alizawi


      Found it....Downloading

    4. Metalprawn666


      Not too much different, quick subs is a nice touch I think. Long range shots are gonna take a bit more practice for me (smashed the woodwork a few times). Free kicks seem easier now

  3. @blueyboy_73 and myself away to PES day in Glasgow today. Looking forward to it. Will try and grab some pics of stuff on my phone but blue is capturing on his laptop possibly so can have some P2E bespoke PES 2019 content revealed when we are allowed im sure. 

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    2. blueyboy_73


      Actually feels slower @Abbafather passing felt looser aswell Shooting from distance wasn't s9 on point either 

    3. Ultravires


      It’s Barry White lads I’ve pre ordered fifa

    4. Abbafather


      Didn't think it could get any slower m8 

  4. Some live PES 2019 here lads, ignore the Barry White commentary from kids


  5. whens the new fixtures out lads? 

  6. PS4 FA Cup 2nd Round Dave v Ultra 


  7. 400 transfers processed so far not including trades which is at 134 currently. Bloody hell. Anyone whos says the market's dead needs a slap

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    2. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      Madness mate.

      Transfer mods are gods :23:

    3. Abbafather


      Your reet m8 nowt going on :sneaky1:

    4. djtrixta


      Doing a great job mate.....! Keep it up

  8. Machine on those transfers today mate 

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    2. Cloughy


      The winter soldier

    3. Metalprawn666


      Nicely done sir :up:

    4. Ultravires


      Any discrepincies then please speak to someone who cares. 

  9. @Gregmeister @PapaDolmio whens the game scheduled for lads? Hope one is gonna stream. Be a very interesting event. might view and comentate on it

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    2. PapaDolmio


      Can't do Saturday night lads. Maybe tonight or possibly Sunday night?

      I've two parties to go to Saturday night if I'm able. If not I'll let you know @Gregmeister.

      Haven't been well for a while now and just have to take it day by day. That makes it hard to schedule matches as I could be fine in the morning and on death's door by that evening.

      We'll get there.

    3. Ultravires


      Take it easy @PapaDolmio good luck to both of you. 

    4. Gregmeister


      Whenever you're ready papa 

      Sunday is good for me though pal 

  10. for the lads who are waiting for to play me @Don Raphael 007 @Petmaister @czysty @PapaDolmio I'm gonna try be on tonight. Out for a meal with the mrs and some family not sure exactly what time i'll get on. Will see whos about and get inviting. 

  11. https://www.twitch.tv/ultravires83

    Live PS4 Prem Cup Final

    1. Cloughy


      Here comes the champion

    2. alizawi


      congrats dude.. well deserved win. I'll be seeking revenge in our next league game!

    3. Ultravires


      Awesome can't wait lol

      Good game ali. I was under pressure for a lot of it, but Matty 'The Midget' Ryan kept you at bay

  12. I feel the auctions will be a welcome to sniper town at 9.59 tonight

  13. I will post the results from last nights games tonight when I'm home lads @alizawi @czysty

    1. alizawi


      I'm in no rush to be reminded of that result. 

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