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  1. Its with a heavy heart that I must hand in my keys. I haven't taken this decision lightly and been mulling it over past few days. But with the impending changes in my life, I feel i can't commit the time i would like to this place. Huge thanks to everyone here, new and old that has come together to make it a great place to play PES and other games. I've had much fun playing games with everyone that I have on here. My game time is limited as it is, and is about to get a lot more limited. Hope everyone cracks on and makes this place great. cheers Ultra
  2. make me an offer i can't refuse. Prices kill threads man, offer away.
  3. crack on lads i've been outbid @Damok21 @lizard100310
  4. Need to wait till im out bid on the auctions lads. Sorry went a bit trigger happy. No harm though. my piddly bids of 10/20m will soon be beaten with ease. Feel free to write the deals up, i just cant pay until later.
  5. IVI LÓPEZ Cards a plenty. Holds his rating at SS and AM Cash trades etc welcome. Only looking for CF/SS
  6. sorry mate was offering to Damok. I've only got 47m doubt thats enough for gray
  7. 30 is a fair price if your happy
  8. Welcome along man. Stick a post in the thread below. http://www.playtoenjoy.com/forums/forum/22-say-hi/
  9. @nikola @KENNETH192 @ThaLoveShak lads get a bargain striker here and quality too.
  10. Welcome man. Pop a post in here let people know how you found the site and a bit about yourself. http://www.playtoenjoy.com/forums/forum/22-say-hi/ If you join the PSN community playtoenjoy you can add other members and get friendly games in.
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