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  1. Ashes 3 jj 1 I went 2nil up via two own goals lol Unlucky @jj4c gg
  2. Lol gg, stars agreed @Superf1y Mk2
  3. Ashes 2 skob1 Goals Origi 2 Dzyuba Motm Origi Good game @skobi glad I avenged our previous match
  4. Aseh 3 Tyrone 4 Cracking game. Shocking result smh Gg @Tyrone2Tuff
  5. Ashes 1 PJM 0 Good game @PJMI was lucky to nick it at the death @Superf1y Mk2
  6. I'd say you got lucky tbh but stats agreed lol
  7. Gg bro unlucky.. stats agreed @Superf1y Mk2
  8. Ashes 2 wizkid 1 Goals Malen A. Gray O.g Motm A. Gray Was all over ya @WICKID
  9. Ashes 2 corky 2 Goals Origi 2 Vinicius jnr Odegaard Motm Origi Good game @Corkdogg
  10. Agreed, good game. You got lucky you cunny funt @Superf1y Mk2
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