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  1. ajuhlin

    Koko - Arsenal vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    Sure, will probably be online after the international football games:)
  2. ajuhlin

    Battlefield 5

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone was planning to buy the game? I was not sure but I just read that there is no premium pass this time so I actually don't have to fork out more money when the new updates are coming. Reviews have been alright but not as glowing as a Battlefield 1.
  3. ajuhlin

    Too little Room

    15m Bin
  4. ajuhlin

    Koko - Arsenal vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    when are you available to play? @koko
  5. ajuhlin

    Cutebrownbear - Vasco De Gama vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

  6. ajuhlin

    Cutebrownbear - Vasco De Gama vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    when do you want to play mate?
  7. ajuhlin

    Too little Room

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=38403 I now have three goalkeepers, can let ROOM go if anyone wants a backup-
  8. ajuhlin

    Superf1y Mk2 - River Plate vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    When do you want to play?
  9. ajuhlin

    Defenders for sale

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=45127 for Ismaily
  10. ajuhlin

    Thorpski - Kawasaki Frontale vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    Stats agreed
  11. ajuhlin

    PANDA - Zenit St. Petersberg vs ajuhlin - Malmo FF

    possibly, otherwise tomorrow or sunday i will be online.
  12. ajuhlin

    One on one master

    Can give you 23m
  13. ajuhlin

    flash sale!! 6 players with a BIN!!

    sorry mate Aouar is on an A this week, will keep him for my last league games.
  14. ajuhlin

    A few players are up

    Works for me, shall I post it?
  15. ajuhlin

    Rooney Appreciated Sweepstake

    56-60 please