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  1. Lille 3-0 Deportivo Goal: Abraham x 2, own goal. Motm: Abraham. Ryan clean sheet. Good game @jj4c
  2. I can play today if you are online.
  3. Sorry Xboxers, I have some issues with my wrist, sorry for not being online but I have almost no grip atm. Will try to be online tomorrow.

    1. PANDA
    2. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      Limp wristed.. :92:

    3. ajuhlin


      Haha I could see this coming from miles away @Superf1y Mk2 @PANDA

  4. Any Xbox-player that plays bf V beta?

    1. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      Iv played it mate. Great game. Looks and sounds gorgeous.

  5. Easy Sweden🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  6. @Thorpski Australia been pretty decent second half haven't they

    1. Petmaister


      Played really well! could of won it..although they did get slightly lucky with the pen

    2. Thorpski


      Australia just lack a striker ..... play upto and around the penalty area is good but they just lack a real goal threat .... bring back Mark Viduka

  7. Anyone want to play some friendlies with their national team?

  8. Anyone up for a friendly on Xbox? Need to try out my new players..

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ajuhlin


      Sorry @koko left pretty early. Will probably continue to gel my team together in the coming days if you want some pre-season practice.

    3. koko


      No problem mate, I'm a night owl so whenever you're up for a game just holler. 

      Away from tonight til Monday night but after that I'm back to reclaim my title. :smiley4:

    4. ajuhlin


      haha I think there is at least one more guy in the league that is after the title I have:19: I like it, hopefully it will be a tight and tense league. 

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