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  1. I am online most nights this week except tonight and friday. When do you wanna play?
  2. Can't tonight mate, any other Night this week except friday would work if you are around? @Skobi
  3. Tomorrow if it works for you?
  4. Or scrap it, he wouldnt play.
  5. PL = Premier League, thought it was more than obvious tbh. As every game started 16.00 yesterday and ended approx 2 hours later that was the guiding time.
  6. Malmö 3-2 @Tyrone2Tuff chievo @jj4c
  7. @PANDA game ended 2-2. Don't remember goalscorers sorry.
  8. Thought PL was very specific tbf, i am online now.
  9. I can be online after PL today @ThaLoveShak
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