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  1. blueyboy_73

    AC MILAN Availables

    sounds like a deal mate
  2. blueyboy_73

    AC MILAN Availables

    I do really like my team atm but a lack of deals recently prompts this thread C. TOSUN scored 4 in 2 so far but having an 81 reduces flexabilty for other signings, only a few can take him but he wont go cheap , if he goes at all, cash or trades n cash for up to an 80 F. MANCUELLO g it a proper face aswell , just to many players for the 1 AM slot M. SUÁREZ paid 50 for him plays 78 SS 77 CF and 75 at both RW and LW , Cash or cash n trades looked at
  3. blueyboy_73

    Carded 22 y.o. CF79!

    Cam you take an 81 ? C. TOSUN plus 10m Or M. SUÁREZ plus 15m Or A. SØRLOTH plus 25m
  4. blueyboy_73

    Top GK

    liked him mate but nothing doing in the market for me to get so im keeping Karius for now
  5. blueyboy_73


    sorry closing this for now , see what auctions appear tomorrow
  6. blueyboy_73


    Cheers but No thanks mate Jota not what I'm after
  7. blueyboy_73


    I gave him a run out recently mate he's not for me ta
  8. blueyboy_73


    nothing leaping out at me atm mate
  9. blueyboy_73


  10. blueyboy_73

    PAO Squad players for sale

    No worries mate I'll leave it ,don't really need was more sentimental lol
  11. blueyboy_73

    PAO Squad players for sale

    10m ?
  12. blueyboy_73

    PAO Squad players for sale

    Much for Dowell mate ?
  13. blueyboy_73


    Sorry lads deal agreed for an old favourite Thread closed
  14. blueyboy_73


    Ideally yes as I'm happy with all my other positions atm
  15. blueyboy_73

    Top GK

    Leaning towards Metals chap atm I'll decide this evening