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  1. Gregmeister

    Quality young AMF

    Got wingers coming out my ears pal Need a CB
  2. Gregmeister

    Quality young AMF

    20mil BIN
  3. Gregmeister

    ThaLoveShak - Boca Juniors vs Gregmeister - Birmingham

    Agreed Shak great game as always pal
  4. Gregmeister

    Gregmeister - Birmingham vs PapaDolmio - Hull City

    Birmingham 2 vs 2 Hull Vanaken, Han Hojbjerg, Dolberg MOTM: Hojbjerg Great game as always @PapaDolmio always a pleasure pal good luck in the final games
  5. Gregmeister

    Gregmeister - Birmingham vs PapaDolmio - Hull City

    On now papa
  6. Gregmeister

    Quality young AMF

    B. RAMSELAAR Cash or trade for a CB
  7. Gregmeister

    CB wanted

    How many ?
  8. Gregmeister

    CB wanted

    Need a backup CB if anyone has one Cash to spend
  9. Gregmeister


    No need to tell me stuff I already know Shak
  10. Gregmeister


  11. Gregmeister


    For sale Ö. TOPRAK Will look at downgrade and cash also
  12. Gregmeister

    The Vultures Bin

    10 mil would of got me a cash box 9mil gets me Fahook all so I will leave it cheers
  13. Gregmeister

    2 for sale

    No worries pal
  14. Gregmeister

    Sydorchuk - Ukrainian midfield Beast General

    Got no cash to add and i got an ESF
  15. Gregmeister

    The Vultures Bin

    Price please http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=117485 @mowgli77 @Corkdogg @alizawi @djtrixta @Petmaister