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  1. DAve-Man86


    You sir, drive a hard bargain lol. I concede to your asking price of £35m. Write him up for me dude. 👍🏻
  2. DAve-Man86


    £30m straight cash? 🤔 😜
  3. DAve-Man86


    Cabot and £20m?
  4. DAve-Man86

    SS with every sexy card

    £4oM¿ @Gary IRL
  5. DAve-Man86


    Feeling like a schmuck for letting down @czysty @mowgli77 & @nidsrigator. Sorry guys.
  6. Right @lizard100310I'm afraid I will be going with @Thorpskifor the double swap deal. Apologies @lizard100310 next time dude.
  7. Right guys. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Had a hectic day at work. Anyway I'm happy to do business with you guys. For Schick and Cook. You guys still good?
  8. A few tempting offers there. I'll have a think and see if anything else comes up and make a decision on my lunch break in a couple of hours ;-)
  9. Looking for slight downgrades for these guys. Let's see what's about. D. Suarez CMF 80 Barcelona star And S. Jovetić CF 80 Monaco hit-man
  10. DAve-Man86

    Little pea for sale

    No problem dude. I snoozed so I lost.
  11. DAve-Man86

    Little pea for sale

    Swap for jovetić?
  12. DAve-Man86

    Rejected : Sotirios from the bin.

    I'm confused?
  13. DAve-Man86

    Rejected : Sotirios from the bin.

    Sent good sir
  14. Sotirios 76 CB Leaving @The Poacher Joining PORTO @DAve-Man86 For 30m Do i wait to be prompted before sending payment?