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  1. Petmaister

    Arthur - Barca Wonderkid

    Not a bad offer but I think I'm gonna keep him for now pal. Nothing is jumping out! Same here pal
  2. Petmaister

    Arthur - Barca Wonderkid

    Yeah cool mate will post up soon
  3. Petmaister

    Cash to spend !

    Arthur Melo?
  4. Petmaister

    Arthur - Barca Wonderkid

    Cash or CMF downgrade plus cash
  5. Petmaister

    Elyounoussi - 80 LMF - Cards Central

    lemme try him out mate...
  6. Petmaister

    Arthur - Barca Wonderkid

    ARTHUR Quality CM with 87 passing! http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=106614
  7. Petmaister

    Sale at Manchester !

    Cool post it
  8. Petmaister

    Sale at Manchester !

    Fahook it 42mil for neves or 70mil for both final offer @Damok21
  9. Petmaister

    Sale at Manchester !

    Cool no worries...umm lets say 65mil for both @Damok21
  10. Petmaister

    Sale at Manchester !

    or Everton Filipe and Navas how much u want double deal... ? @Damok21
  11. Petmaister

    Sale at Manchester !

    35mil for Navas @Damok21
  12. Petmaister

    Barcelona season finale celebrations

    @OZMAZSTER Okay, how about trade for Arthur..one of Barca's own!