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  1. Is there any player on myClub lower rated than 90? All players are black balls now?
  2. This PES is biggest flop in game history.
  3. I'm not playing PES at all last more than 2 months, for me this is worst game I ever played. But I'm talking about Lelly, guy is great and plays really, really good but ... For other reply, FIFA is scripted also but it's more balanced than PES, for example you have sometimes 2-3 players plays like a Brad pitt, substitute them and you can play normal.
  4. Lelly smash his last controller last night and decide to stop playing. I think he smashed more than 10 controllers only on this PES
  5. I farm whole days at the beggining, got superstars team just to see that some nerd with bronze team will beat me with one short and I can't score from 30+. Also, when I saw that some anonymous players like Yago Pichacu have better rating then top players I learn something about myClub. That mode is only for idiots, it's a big idiotic mess with scripting, spoiled games, lag, cheaters ... and I can't imagine that someone normal can play this mode seriously.
  6. I will not buy 100%. There are few things they must do if they want to save PES. 1. Online stability and cheaters/laggers. In FIFA there is no difference between online and offline, also in 400+ games 0 cheaters. 2. Scripting must be removed or balanced. 3. More content in myClub and offline modes 4. Featured players with lower ratings and legends must be in a big agent so hard to get. 5. Gameplay must be fixed, especially defence and GK's. When I see this things I will buy PES again.
  7. @alizawi,it's not solution, just choice. FIFA is screwed also, but ... All my posts are about online and myClub, pls don't compare league and friendly also offline games, they are ok at the end, but that's small part of the game, I bought full game. They are not listening community, they will lose community. Game is absolute trash (for me) and I played all PES (ISS) games from the beggining. Last solid PES was 16, 17 was ok, with 18 starts this agony and 19 is the end for me.
  8. It's sad but FIFA is way better. It's Brad pitt at the end, but compare to PES is better. Konami lost PES authenticity, as I told, PES gameplay this year is bad copy of FIFA 19 gameplay. Also I have another problem with PES: my PS4 Pro fans goes crazy when I play PES, all other games are ok. I can't play normally because of high noise. Anyone else? Is there any solution?
  9. I'm playing PES from the beggining, more than 20 years, and, in my opinion as very old player, this is worst PES ever, without any doubt, this is worst online game I ever played also. Gameplay is a big mess. They are trying to create something like FIFA, so this is very bad copy of FIFA gameplay. With latest patch they didn't fix anything, so game is big piece of crap. MyClub is ruined with featured players, scripting, cheaters, lack of content ... I predict they will lose more than half customer base next year.
  10. PES. Nothing fixed, scripting kills, all players 90+ rated, AI isnt fixed, defence catastrophe, whole match just push&run ... I'm talking about myClub.
  11. Game is absolute trash, in my opinion worst video game ever. If this is reality and simulation I will keep playing arcade.
  12. I play FIFA a lot, some thing are better some worse than PES. You are talking about reality but PES this year lose contact with reality. Railway runs, idiotic defence, broken shoots, supernatural GK's and lot of other things. From last 5 editions I choose 16 as best, 15 was good also, 17 isn't bad, 18 lose PES way and 19 is totally lost.
  13. PES had better gameplay, now it's comedy and joke. FIFA gameplay is ok and most important: it's working and it's funny. Believe me, after I played 100+ games on FIFA, now I don't see PES gameplay so superior. Biggest problem with PES is Konami because they ignore community.
  14. Me too, that's sad. Also know that huge PES lovers, including me, switch to FIFA. They lost loyal old members. I played season and half, league is ok, but not serious competition. Maybe in the future P2E should organize another league maybe with entrance fee.
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