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  1. I farm whole days at the beggining, got superstars team just to see that some nerd with bronze team will beat me with one short and I can't score from 30+. Also, when I saw that some anonymous players like Yago Pichacu have better rating then top players I learn something about myClub. That mode is only for idiots, it's a big idiotic mess with scripting, spoiled games, lag, cheaters ... and I can't imagine that someone normal can play this mode seriously.
  2. I'm ready for league after holiday :)

    1. Petmaister


      whats ur gamertag on PSN...Might be on later for a few friendlies 

    2. Dracarys




      I will be online tonight after 10 pm mate.

  3. Losing serie a ant to shabby if your ps4, you can edit the league anyway, icons, names etc. And of course kits

    1. Dracarys


      I know that mate. But I'm tyred of PES with catastrophic online, scripting, cheaters ... licences are small problem.

  4. PES lose SERIE A license :(

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    2. Metalprawn666


      Just change it dude, your jumping on PS4 side. We get option files and you should have Lazio in the commentary list as well. Don't worry. However if the whole of Series A is completely lost were Fahooked on the forum. 

    3. Cloughy


      Doesn't say PES has lost it, says FIFA will have it. Might not be an exclusive license...



      Pes never had it this year. We just had the teams ️ 

      Hope it stays that way 👌

  5. PES 2018 is biggest Brad pitt I ever played in my 33 years of life.

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    2. djtrixta


      IM sure pes 2019 will be a mass improvement for all game modes. they have to get it right after 3 years in the making for pes 2018. surely?

    3. Dracarys


      It will be same Brad pitt, every year is next year.

    4. Ultravires


      this is why play to enjoy exsits mate, to get away from myclub

  6. I can smell the title :)

    1. AlexDelPiedo


      yeah buddy, others can smell it too - congrats!

  7. What playoffs in league section means?

    1. Cloughy


      Xbox and ps4 D1s will have a 3rd and 4thbplace play off to get promoted to their respective premierships mate 

    2. Dracarys


      Txh mate.


  8. Ronaldinho ;)

  9. I'm on for league & cup games :)

  10. Anyone for friendly game?

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