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  1. Finally got online and finished the intro...got a massive outlaw boner. I'll be around tomorrow if anyone wants to shoot stuff.
  2. jj4c


    Get an xbox?
  3. jj4c

    jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta vs Prastidudka - Shalke 04

    Jakarta 2-4 Shalke Goals: Ljajic, Sala; Cavaleiro, Wass, Embolo, Iwobi Motm: Wass GG @prastidudka
  4. jj4c

    jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta vs Skobi - Boyaca Chico

    Jakarta 1-4 Boyaca Goals: Taison; Jadson, Corchia, Snodgrass, Nene Motm: Nene GG @Skobi
  5. jj4c

    jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta vs Alexdelpiedo - Napoli

    Jakarta 1-1 Napoli Goals: Asamoah; Chalov Motm: Chalov GG @AlexDelPiedo
  6. jj4c

    Baby Pond Payouts 16/11/18

    Yessir hit me @The Poacher
  7. jj4c

    Best2005 - Ajax vs jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta

    Stats agreed. GG @Best2005 @Superf1y Mk2
  8. jj4c

    WICKID - Kasimpasa vs jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta

    Hold up...Wickid never posted this smashing. Jakarta 4-0 Kasimpasa Goals: Taison x2, Said, Siebatcheu CS: Weverton Motm: Said GG @WICKID @Superf1y Mk2
  9. jj4c

    Best2005 - Ajax vs jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta

    Sounds good @Best2005
  10. jj4c

    jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta vs GBR CRY - Jaguares de Córdoba

    No way man, the points were deservedly split @GBR CRY Jakarta 0-0 Jaguares CS: Weverton; Heaton Motm: Weverton
  11. jj4c

    OZMAZTER - Barcelona vs jj4c - Cersipla Jakarta

    stats agreed. GG @OZMAZSTER @Superf1y Mk2
  12. jj4c

    #11 Nicolás De La Cruz