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  1. Liverpool 6 - 1 man utd Sandra x3 martial Jota x2 Sinclair Mom sandra Well played dude this is the best I've ever played I think @Damok21
  2. Will be on tomorrow night from 7 mate @alizawi
  3. Good game mate @nikola Liverpool 1 Sevilla 4 Result added
  4. I can get on now mate if your around @Cyhyraeth74
  5. Off work today mate if your around to play @Don Raphael 007
  6. Off work today mate if your around to play @Cyhyraeth74
  7. Off work today mate if your online to play @nikola
  8. We have till Wednesday to complete batch 1 mate I am off work today so if your around to play let me know
  9. Still a few games to played guys so got till Wednesday then games get defaulted @PS4 League Member
  10. Will take the cash dude will write it up now
  11. I've got le marchard 77cb u can have for 15mil if u want mate @Cyhyraeth74
  12. There isn't a 80,s rule this season dude
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