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  1. Is anyone still alive on this site no activity what so ever 

  2. Data pack 5 coming on Thursday guys wonder what's going to be in there 

  3. Hopefully we can have a brand change now ready for a new season

  4. Where's the VIP auction

  5. Bout time the poachers bin is updated ay it 

  6. What's happened to all the random auctions not seen one since it was announced other than normal Friday auction come on guys give the players what they want #playtoenjoy

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    2. lizard100310


      Think it's the matter of being told one thing and doing another 



       You said that yourself they were announced to be random so it actually was random that there was hardly none last week. 

       Which keeps everybody on their toes to keep a look out when they are released. 👍🏽😈

    4. mowgli77


      You must have missed them as we had auctions on Tuesday and Thursday 2 weeks ago. Tough tacklers Tuesday saw David Luiz up for grabs. We then did 2 x young prospects on the Thursday and I got Havertz. 

      Keep an eye out this week as you never know when another 2 might pop up in an auction. 

  7. Anyone online tonight for a few games 

  8. When's the draft happening

  9. are we having a re brand window 



       Not very likely mate as we have a image change every second season.

       As it takes a lot of work to make it happen every time.👍🏽

  10. Where's all the Xmas cash payments or ways of making cash 

    1. czysty


      where's my money ??? Xmas , League Season etc.

       @The Poacher  @The Vulture 

      @Xbox League Member @PS4 League Member

      pay me bitch better have my money GIF


  11. Sooner this season is over the better trying to play games is like gettin blood out of a stone 

    1. Evil-cat-lord


      Tell me about, getting fed up now.

  12. Don't get this game give money to people who don't need it very rarely do deals absolute joke oh well maybe time for pastures new

    1. Metalprawn666


      What's up dude? 



      Chill bro. What’s going on? 

       The market fluctuates there is no point getting angry at it bud. 

       There is no need to lash out at members that have been given a helping hand. The baby pool fluctuates people go in people go out, 


       Remember this still way more better players to come into that league going forward 👍🏽😘


  13. The transfer staff  on holiday 

  14. lizard100310

    PS4 Community Night

    Wolves 1 - 1 west ham
  15. Where is my money from the sweepstake pay up 

    1. alizawi


      Auction players still not even moved yet.. hard times at p2e

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