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  1. lizard100310


    Cheers dude will write it up
  2. lizard100310


    No sorry mate I paid 25 not losing 10mil on him
  3. Don't get this game give money to people who don't need it very rarely do deals absolute joke oh well maybe time for pastures new

    1. Metalprawn666


      What's up dude? 



      Chill bro. What’s going on? 

       The market fluctuates there is no point getting angry at it bud. 

       There is no need to lash out at members that have been given a helping hand. The baby pool fluctuates people go in people go out, 


       Remember this still way more better players to come into that league going forward 👍🏽😘


  4. lizard100310

    Any no frills, Cb. Rb. Lb.

    The money u have and u car spread the love
  5. lizard100310

    Any no frills, Cb. Rb. Lb.

  6. lizard100310


    Not even 1 offer this market market is barry white
  7. 40mil romeu dude @djtrixta write it up
  8. lizard100310

    Randy randolph

    Cheers dude will write it up shortly
  9. lizard100310

    Randy randolph

    15mil bin bargain
  10. lizard100310


    C. DANIELS Wand of a left foot bargain bin 20mil
  11. Does this fella intrest u for gueye T. RINCÓN
  12. lizard100310

    Roma's Dutch young gun.

    Write it up then dude