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  1. 1. Hard, progressive wages based on Transfermarkt. Payable at the beginning of the season, for the whole season. 2. Open player pool, so managers can get their "domestic" players if they want via swapping/downgrading. Freely. Once a season. 3. Limit team size to 22, increase draft to equal number of swapped out players. "3 in, 3 out"
  2. People can self-impose the limits, adhere to the certain theme, and self-manage whatever fantasy they want. Lets not add more rules.
  3. Would be shame if will be traded to Juventus for Rugani, wouldn’t? 😁
  4. @JAMOHEADRUSH, i heard Emerson is heading back to Serie A this summer...
  5. Gentlemen of P2E, fellow Managers! I have made Daniele Rugani, 24 y.o., 82 rated, Build Up player from Juventus, available for a trade/swap. If interested please let me know here. In terms of swaps I'm looking for top flight LWF. @I3lakeey - if you are reading this, or you have a jungle guide who cares, I will swap 82 Rugani for 74 Luperto Thanks fro reading, ADP
  6. no, i can't had to get rid of 3 of my 80s
  7. I'm looking for a LWF. If you have some - please let me know. Thanks!
  8. @lizard100310can you take 81?
  9. Fabian Ruiz got upgraded to 81. Give me a quote, please, @The Vulture
  10. got upgraded to 81 i'm looking for cash, or interesting trades every offer will be considered
  11. @The Vulture M.Politano got upgraded to 81 Price please
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