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  1. Ighalo cf 78 and £50m @PJM O. IGHALO cf 78
  2. O. IGHALO cf 78 @CRN_14 he is lethal try him out.
  3. I got ighalo cf, monster beastie. Looking for £45m as i got £2m esf to pay on him. @CRN_14
  4. My last 3 sale players for £90m anybody want before i decide to keep them?
  5. Whoever wants the last 3 players can have them for £95m. Saving over £7m as I’ll pay the esf’s
  6. Vacant team. I win @Superf1y Mk2 @Best2005
  7. Don’t let me down @WICKID beat the gooner!!! Haha 😂
  8. I thought you had mandanda 83 rated?
  9. Can do £38m @Damok21 as my esf is £2m shall i write it up?
  10. Costa is rapid mate! Worth every penny! £40m as i got esf to pay @Damok21
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