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  1. djtrixta

    Xbox Community Night

    Well done all, thanks @Superf1y Mk2 . it's about time i up'd my game and get to a level you lads are at.....! Playtoenjoy forever.....!
  2. djtrixta

    Xbox Community Night

    Marseille dj 0-1 jamo genk lucky boy
  3. djtrixta

    Xbox Community Night

    Marseille dj 2-0 gbr jaguares gg mate!
  4. djtrixta

    Xbox Community Night

    Marseille dj 2-0 kawasaki claretchris gg mate
  5. djtrixta

    Xbox Community Night

    Marseille dj 1-2 ajuhlin malmo ff

    Check this badboy tune out mate.

    1. GBR CRY

      GBR CRY

      That Riya album nearly 2 years old lol quality though and that's not my favourite track on there :nonono1:

  7. Hands off Lucas Moura !!!!!! COYS

    1. blueyboy_73


      I hadni interest in a bench warmer mate :shifty:

      But now you told me not to I might just, I'm like that 

      Go deep early it might put me off 

    2. djtrixta
    3. blueyboy_73


      Hulk 50m not enough

  8. Hands off Lucas moura......! COYS

    1. lizard100310


      Lol out my price range mate so your ok 

  9. Are you signed up to play now?

  10. Any possilbe chance of a 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 community event?

    1. Superf1y Mk2

      Superf1y Mk2

      Good by me. See what the majority fancy. Ill put an option in the sign up.

    2. Abbafather


      It would be good to have a permanant p2e coop team to be honest. 

  11. Well done on WC champion!

    1. Corkdogg


       Cheers @djtrixta final was tuff as Fahook 

  12. what time do you want to play our last league game mate? im on pes from about 5pm to 10pm

  13. Happy birthday dude! Enjoy

  14. Oi oi poachy! We need more players for fridays auctions and wonderkids for wednesdays! 

  15. Hi koko, we have a fixture to play bro, just got to set my team up and then we can play! Add me if you haven’t already djtrixta4 gamertag

    1. djtrixta


      Add me up bro djtrixta4

    2. djtrixta


      Koko we need to play this fixture man? Where you at? Lol

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