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  1. You still want future ajax wonderkid @Corkdogg gravenberch!!!
  2. Well it’s good to see members coming together and putting their views out there for all to see! Its basically an end of season thing before pes 2020 comes about. I want PtoE to be back how it was at the point of where i joined, which was funny, entertaining, committed members online all the time plugging away at matches in league, friendlies and com nights having a laugh and jokes etc. That’s what PtoE is about! Its up to all of us on both consoles to see this season out before pes2020, and just enjoy it! Have fun, get online and socialise mofo’s! Let’s go!
  3. Trying to cater for all members here! Including the ones that we lost this season and before
  4. That’s why the options are there. So members can stop whinging about sweaty players and join the casual league. Or if they want sweaty competition then it’s the competitive all out league!
  5. Hello all pes members! How would you like to take part in a two league format - one for competitive and all out win at all costs league and another for the casual and not bothered about results league if you are interested in taking part, please state which league format you would like to enter in the comments below. rules apply to both league formats as follows- TBA.....! @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member
  6. Will get back to you both !! @Corkdogg and @Beastermc
  7. Here we have a quality CB going up for a bid war! Highest bid wins! A. RANOCCHIA just doing my bit to help out someone who needs a CB for next season! @PS4 League Member @Xbox League Member Topic will close midnight GMT time next sunday 14th April 2019.
  8. Any advances for gravenberch @Corkdogg
  9. £74.5m!! That’s £10.5m less than i paid for him. Deal? @PANDA
  10. Will get back to you, as transfer window shut at the moment mate.
  11. Maybe another £20m on top and I’ll consider it? @PANDA
  12. Are you insane! He is the future of ajax
  13. You tell me then mate who you would trade? Makes it easier @PJM
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