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  1. djtrixta

    The Vultures Bin

    Vultures offer is £9m @Gregmeister write it up if you agree?
  2. djtrixta

    Sydorchuk - Ukrainian midfield Beast General

    You should get a vultures offer mate soon! @Gregmeister
  3. djtrixta

    Assombalonga wants out £18m BIN

    Nice one mate @Cyhyraeth74 will write it up soon mate!
  4. djtrixta

    Sydorchuk - Ukrainian midfield Beast General

    Alison looks good as i could do with a DMF back up. but would need cash on top, say about £5m or we could just go for straight cash.
  5. djtrixta

    Assombalonga wants out £18m BIN

    he cost me £18m mate, so shall i write him up for £17m? @Colemania
  6. djtrixta

    Sydorchuk - Ukrainian midfield Beast General

    Yeah no probs mate @Gregmeister don't really want to sell as i like him. mr reliable. but i need new blood.
  7. S. SYDORCHUK 76 rated anchor man CMF, plays as DMF and AMF too. Great player, ukrainian beast in midfield. Has great defensive cards, Heading, track back, man marking etc. £20m BIN
  8. B. ASSOMBALONGA 75 rated 1st time shooter and goal poacher CF. fast, gifted and dangerous. great stats and plays well in game too, easily shrugs off defenders to run in on goal with his pace and movements. just acquired chancalay, so don't need another similar guy now. cash or trades? £18m BIN
  9. djtrixta

    Nobody wants to sell. So I will!!!

    £42m for olaza?
  10. djtrixta

    Money for a lmf

    S. SYDORCHUK 76 rated CMF. Great in game. 5 cards. £20m today only.
  11. djtrixta

    Hes Back in the Game !!

    How much for him?
  12. Too late mate, wickid got in before you. sold.
  13. djtrixta

    Any no frills, Cb. Rb. Lb.

    JUANPE 77 rated CB, great cards and stats. Has destroyer ability and he is a beast. very similar to retsos my other CB, so grab yourself another retsos here. only 27 yrs old and still to hit his prime. cash or trades? £30m BIN