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  1. My first console was and Atari 2600, moon patrol, pit fall, empire strikes back was the Brad pitt back then. As for arcades, they were pretty hard to find in my area. Only time I got to see them was at Blackpool, going in and seeing the new kiosks and games was always a joy.
  2. Escobar 10 mill. Diego Farias 10 mill. David Braz Sold.
  3. Yes pal, weekend the misses is out.. can't bloody wait.
  4. Who's up for some cowboy hi-jinx? Also has a battle royal mode whoop @PS4 League Member
  5. Seems a bit of a trend all this controller smashing stuff, just look on YouTube and you'll see hundreds of fifa rage compilations. Anything for views I guess.
  6. Sorry but I'd rather have a player for now. Why would I want a player that will probably be good in pes 30 who will no doubt get sold multiple times before that potential is realized on the game. But hey, guess that's just me.
  7. Sorry bud, other defenders with lower ratings have gone for more. I wouldn't be able to get a replacement.
  8. Lol you are a bugger, who you want to loose
  9. David Braz Decent back up. 10 mil BIN, open to negotiate
  10. You do realise you have to pay an early release.
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