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  1. not submitting these for the GOTM as they are ranked games in myclub but thought i'd share anyway, check em out if you fancy it's a good tune if nothing else @PANDA
  2. @Cyhyraeth74 cheers mate, if you're sure! @OZMAZSTER really for only 2m? if so great post it up
  3. keen for nordin in my life. if @Cyhyraeth74 doesnt want im i'll have him for sure
  4. it's great isnt it. is 15m about right @Gregmeister i have no idea
  5. http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=106767 foket for sale
  6. ha @Skobi no worries yeah the gambling is tempting..
  7. not for sale or just not for that much? 20m?
  8. @Skobi hey man sorry i didnt get a notification on this i don't think! 23m?
  9. ok going for £25m shall i write it up? @CRN_14
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