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  1. Jungle_Team

    BeasterMC - Red Bull Brasil vs JungleTeam - Galatasaray

    Can do tomorrow night and weekend @Beastermc
  2. Jungle_Team

    Alizawi - America De Cali vs JungleTeam - Galatasaray

    tomorrow night and weekend @alizawi
  3. Jungle_Team

    Too Many cbs one or two can go

    Let's talk AKE @GBR CRY How much you looking for ? 1 of these 2 could be available if you fancy any http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=121034 http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=63916
  4. Jungle_Team

    77 rated CB BIN Price

    Write it up bud @ClaretChris
  5. Jungle_Team

    Quality CB needed

    Looking for someone to pair with Mammana can't sell him bud.
  6. Jungle_Team

    Quality CB needed

    Oh I see , haha will have a look man
  7. Jungle_Team

    Quality CB needed

    Would take him but don't think I can afford him bud Looking to offload Lozano first
  8. Jungle_Team

    Quality CB needed

    I'll check him out bud How much ?
  9. Jungle_Team

    Quality CB needed

    Am guessing this means something right ?
  10. Jungle_Team

    Quality CB needed

    Show me what you got With price please
  11. Jungle_Team

    Damok21 - Manchester United vs JungleTeam - Galatasaray

    Gg man well played
  12. Jungle_Team

    LWF needed

    Can you take over 80?
  13. Jungle_Team

    Borja CF Beast

    Deal I'll write it up
  14. Jungle_Team

    Borja CF Beast

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=60855 Available for the right price or trade
  15. Jungle_Team

    JungleTeam - Galatasaray vs CRN_14 - AS Monaco

    Gala 2 - 5 Monaco Lozano, Sabitzer M Uth ×3 Blade ×2 Gg @CRN_14 @Damok21