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Everything posted by Jungle_Team

  1. Jungle_Team

    Sell me someone interesting !

    No problem bud
  2. Jungle_Team

    Sell me someone interesting !

    Big money or player plus cash accepted What you offering bud ? @OZMAZSTER
  3. Jungle_Team

    Sell me someone interesting !

    Lozano Fits right within your project Fast skillful,versatile , right age Barca are chasing this guy in the market . Even Young sessegnon can learn a lot from him in training @OZMAZSTER
  4. Jungle_Team

    Lozanoooooo 83 LWF

    Lozano LWF Also very good as CF AMF SS Great Cards Beast great dribbler Based on current P2E market, he's going to cost you a lot of Maniiiiii Happy to keep if no one can afford him Cash or downgrade with cash considered
  5. Jungle_Team

    Lozanoooooo 83 LWF

    Yep i noticed from auction , not for me though bud Currently have 4 GK man , looking to sell one aswell
  6. Jungle_Team

    The Vultures Bin

    Can I get a price please for http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=57413
  7. Jungle_Team

    Lozanoooooo 83 LWF

    Cmon Shak You know he's worth way more than that in this market
  8. Jungle_Team

    Lozanoooooo 83 LWF

    Still on the market
  9. Jungle_Team

    Bin Sale

    Kawashima + 25mil Gamberini +15mil Vydra + 20mil
  10. Jungle_Team

    Show me the mounie

    How much we talking ?
  11. Jungle_Team

    JungleTeam - Galatasaray vs Damok21 - Manchester United

    I'll let you know bud , Saturday on Sunday might be more appropriate atm @Damok21
  12. Jungle_Team

    Serious CF

    Real goal poacher & pacey Bench CF @GBR CRY Vydra
  13. Jungle_Team

    Serious CB

    Good bench CB Gamberini @GBR CRY
  14. Jungle_Team

    Wanted: High rated GK with cards

    Ok No problem bud
  15. Jungle_Team

    JungleTeam - Galatasaray vs Colemania - Vitória Setúbal

    Weekend is suitable if you are around @Colemania
  16. Jungle_Team

    JungleTeam - Galatasaray vs Damok21 - Manchester United

    Weekend if you are around @Damok21
  17. Jungle_Team

    JungleTeam - Galatasaray vs Nikola -Sevilla

    We can play during the weekend @nikola
  18. Jungle_Team

    CF Vydra -Pace, Finishing

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=57413 Smooth finisher with pace
  19. Jungle_Team

    CF Vydra -Pace, Finishing

    Still available
  20. Jungle_Team

    78 Young DMF 79 at CB

    http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=103403 Beast of a player cover for me at CB 79 rated aswell Fast and strong player Looking to trade with another DM can add cash Or Big money offer also welcome
  21. Jungle_Team

    Quality GK with Low Punt

    Kawashima GK very reliable on form with Low Punt Available make me an offer Trade also accepted for other position
  22. Jungle_Team

    CB Bin

    Gamberini +15mil Rannochia + 25mill sold
  23. Jungle_Team

    CB Bin

    No worries man