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  1. Result agreed. Ya the scorers were Rondon with the first attack and then Nsamé with the equaliser in the 91st minute. Good game! @Damok21
  2. Score agreed. Good game. Had no luck at all and still getting back into playing P2E again and finding my formation. Few bounces of the ball went against me but sure thems the breaks!
  3. Free now for the next hour if you are
  4. @Beastermc I know your time is limited with the new baby so what time and day suits?
  5. I'll try get on tonight but hard to organise a set time with the new baby! What time would you be on until tonight at the latest?
  6. Are you around for a late game? I'm on now
  7. @nikola what days and times suit you?
  8. @Fixture Staff this will have to be defaulted
  9. Colemania

    PS4 Community Night

    When do fixtures get announced or do we just start playing each other? Just played @czysty in a league game too
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